Are you a boomer wondering why Gen Z spends all their time on their phones? Are you a Gen Z baffled by how often boomers fall for AI on Facebook? A new play opening in Williamsburg next week might be for you.

Generations, from Bushwick resident Carson McKenna, presents a satirical look at generational divides and stereotypes. It all unfolds at a dentist’s office, run by a bickering father-son team (boomer and millennial, respectively). Rounding out the cast of characters are two receptionists (named Gen Z and Jen X; I trust you to figure out who is who) who deal with each other’s quirks and foibles. 

The story’s origins are personal for McKenna, who spent years working with her mom at her restaurant. As with any family dynamic, working side by side with a loved one can cause friction, and McKenna noticed that their arguments frequently stemmed from different generational worldviews over issues like filing paperwork versus digital or emailing versus talking to people in person.

“I know neither of us were wrong, but she couldn’t see it my way, and I couldn’t see it hers, and there was years of frustration from working together, but there was a lot of love, too.” McKenna tells Greenpointers. “I started to meditate on what it would be like to see this unique working dynamic between a millennial boomer/parent child conflict play out on stage.”

McKenna’s frequent visits to the dentist’s office sparked curiosity into the quotidian nature of that ostensibly dull job. 


“I think there’s beauty in the banality. I’m really drawn to the idea of centering a work of art in a unique work space environment, because I feel like that’s almost the unspoken character, and every workplace has its own unique culture and language,” she said.

While the show is a comedy, it could even spark more empathy and conversations between the different generations.

Directed by Saturday Lawson, Generations debuts at the Vino Theater (274 Morgan Ave.) on June 14 at 7:30 p.m. You can check out the other dates and grab tickets here.

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