Greenpoint’s seasonally-inspired Sereneco (113 Franklin St.) has welcomed a new executive chef, just in time for spring.

Chef Abbey de la Rosa was most recently running the kitchen at Williamsburg’s Diner (85 Broadway) and is now debuting a new dinner menu at Sereneco.

Chef Abbey was thrilled to take her talents to Greenpoint, noting “Sereneco’s new menu features dishes you’ll want to eat every day, not just on a special occasion, while staying true to the changing seasons.”

Greenpointers interviewed Chef Abbey about her passion for seasonality, using local purveyors, and her favorite new menu items at Sereneco.

An array of new menu items at Sereneco. Photo: Briana Balducci

Greenpointers:  Tell us about yourself. Have you always wanted to be a chef?


Chef Abbey de la Rosa: No, I wanted to play in a punk rock band, which I still dream about. I got into cooking because I knew I could have a solid meal every day.

Greenpointers:  You’ve worked at several rockstar-worthy restaurants…most recently Williamsburg’s Diner. Did you use any influences from Diner when creating Sereneco’s new menu?

Chef Abbey de la Rosa: It wasn’t only Diner that influenced the way I think about a menu. It’s just about being a responsible cook, knowing where your food is coming from, where you’re getting it, and trying to support local farms as much as possible. Obviously, citrus fruit doesn’t grow around this area but we use it. So, I’m trying to do my best.

Seasonal new additions to Sereneco’s menu. Photo: Briana Balducci

Greenpointers:  Do you use any local purveyors we may have heard of in North Brooklyn?

Chef Abbey de la Rosa: Yes, we’re very proud of our current relationships with local purveyors. We’re working closely with Lancaster Farms Co-op, Fingerlakes Farms, Greenpoint Fish, and the Greenmarkets, among others to source ingredients for this new menu. 

Greenpointers:  How is the use of local farms reflected on your menu?

Chef Abbey de la Rosa:  Well, I contacted some of the farms and purveyors I have liked to use in the past, and for me it’s about using their products and doing very little to it. 

Sereneco’s cavatelli with spinach, pistachios, and feta. Photo: Briana Balducci

Greenpointers:  Tell us about some of your favorite menu items.

Chef Abbey de la Rosa:  I like the cavatelli. It’s something I think goes well together with the young spinach and pistachios and feta. I like the beet dish with the pickled strawberries, too.

Greenpointers: I was a big fan of many of Sereneco’s old classics. Will locals still recognize old favorites or has the menu completely changed?

Chef Abbey de la Rosa:  I have changed most of the dinner menu. However, you can still get the standbys like the oysters and the olives. 

The burger is still on the menu, but it will probably become a bit more classic, since it has to be all about the meat and Gotham Burger Social Club is literally right next door (shoutout!). 

The brunch menu still stands from the old one with a few minor changes. We get pretty busy for brunch, like really busy, so personally I feel that menu will be the hardest to change. You can still get pancakes!

Sereneco’s Basque cheesecake with grapefruit. Photo: Briana Balducci

Greenpointers:  What is your favorite food to make at home?

Chef Abbey de la Rosa:  I always cook breakfast on my days off, and kimchi stew is something I make on the regular. I can make a pretty good bolognese, too.

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  1. 75% of professional cooks/chefs in America are male.

    I would love to see you highlight more of them too since they are in the overwhelming majority.

  2. Thank you for your reply. Sexism is in the eyes of the beholder. Today’s boys and young men are in dire straits with them dropping out of dating, getting married, having kids, college, work and just about everything else in record numbers never before seen in our history.. The situation is so dire, books are being written about it including some by left wingers and women.

    Glad you are not following the trend,. Keep up the good work. It seems that anywhere you look men are cancelled today.

    1. Although we may disagree, I applaud you for printing my original post and reply, in the true tradition of giving both sides.

      Also you and the staff of Greenpointers are second to none re giving the news of Greenpoint. Nobody comes close.

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