Running is certainly having a moment, and this summer’s Paris Olympics (the Olympic Marathon Trials to determine Team USA competitors took place in Orlando over the weekend) will most likely do little to quell that excitement.

Starting a new hobby — or meeting people involved with it, particularly for a commonly solitary activity like running — can be intimidating. So Please Tell Me, a newer bar in the neighborhood at 749 Metropolitan Avenue, is here to help with its very own run club.

Described as a “non-pretentious run club” for all shapes, sizes, and paces, Please Tell Me Run Club is hosting its inaugural meeting tonight, February 5, at 6 p.m., complete with a group stretch, run, and, of course, vibes. The run itself takes off at 6:30 p.m. Plus, exclusive merch is promised.

Source: @pleasetellmebk on Instagram

In the handful of months since opening (their doors officially opened in early October), Please Tell Me has wasted no time at drawing a solid, loyal crowd with its blend of good bar eats, quality music, and crafted cocktails in the intimate bar space. On any given night, patrons can expect to hear specially curated hip-hop alongside drinks like the rum-based ‘96 Naomi Campbell and bar snacks like the expertly seasoned, perfectly savory-and-sweet NOLA fries.

Please Tell Me was started by Austin Woolridge and Eric Griego, two accomplished music enthusiasts (both have been DJing for years, and Woolridge has produced records for French Montana, Kid Ink, Pusha T, and more) hoping to create an affordable, approachable, and fun house-party-esque space for vibing to good hip-hop and R&B you’d normally have to go to a club to hear.


“We noticed some holes in the market,” Griego explained. “There are places where we really love the cocktails, places we really love the music, and places where we really love the vibe, but they’re not hitting all three. And definitely not in the non-Bedford part of Williamsburg.”

Please Tell Me regularly hosts a diverse range of pop-ups and special events, like a product launch party for biodegradable jewelry brand Mo.Na. Gems and brunch with Driftaway Coffee. They also hold a weekly Winyl party, which kicks off with a vinyl album listening followed by open DJ decks paired with discounted glasses of wine. Party and event collective NUFDAM (Madfun) is their partner in programming.

The goal is really to keep it community focused, and its success has been bolstered by the support of friends and family, many of whom Griego acknowledges made it happen, from providing financial support to helping out with their day-to-day operating, plus partnering with other small, grassroots, and often POC-owned businesses that recognize the importance of lifting each other up in a space where the real estate market is leaning more towards corporate chains and Chase banks.

“We’ve been really focused on the quality of everything, you know,” Griego said. “The vibe, the ingredients, the cocktails, the music. And we were just kind of like, ‘Okay, if we just put our heads down and do this really, really well, we will find a way forward.”

And find a way forward, they have, and they continue to grow their programming with more local business collaborations, specially themed music nights, and chef pop-ups on the horizon.

Aside from the run club and regular weekly Winyl sesh and brunch, the next event to plan for at Please Tell Me is their Super Bowl Sunday party on February 11 with wing specials, drink specials, and a stream of the Puppy Bowl (to name just a few perks).

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