Local bar turned restaurant, Little Rascal (130 Franklin St), is now serving brunch in Greenpoint. The North Brooklyn location of the popular Nolita establishment debuted first as a cocktail bar with an extensive list of innovative libations and later added a dinner menu filled with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors. 

Now, the Little Rascal owners and longtime Greenpoint residents, Halil and Öner Gündogdu, have expanded the menu even more to include brunch with a Turkish twist on weekends. 

Oysters at Little Rascal, on both the brunch and dinner menus.

The brunch menu includes a few favorites from Little Rascal’s dinner service, like the feta phyllo rolls, halloumi croquettes, oysters, and the cheese and charcuterie board. 

One standout new addition is the Turkish quesadilla, which can be filled with sujuk and kasseri (sausage and cheese) with hot honey or spinach and feta with harissa. 

Little Rascal’s Turkish quesadilla, on the brunch menu.

Other solid brunch options include the red zhoug shashouka with tomatoes and red bell pepper sauce, the smoked salmon fattoush with avocado, and the mushroom toast. 


If you’re looking for something sweet, don’t miss the show-stopping honey and kaymak to start. It’s a Turkish clotted cream dip drizzled with honey and served with bread for dipping.

Little Rascal’s acclaimed mixologist Keith Larry has also added a selection of Spring Specials to the already substantial cocktail menu. He uses unique ingredients and his artistic abilities to create truly special and surprising cocktails.

Little Rascal’s Flaco and Audrey cocktail, one of mixologist Keith Larry’s Spring Specials.

The fanciful Flaco and Audrey cocktail is Larry’s twist on a gin fizz. It’s concocted with gin, preserved cherry blossom, chamomile cordial, white peach soda, and egg white. The presentation of the Flaco and Audrey is a highlight, as the soda is poured over the base to create a rising foam, which doesn’t just look cool, but also adds a delightful peach flavor.

Other new drink specials include the Dough of Existence with avocado spiced rum, soursop nectar, avocado pit orgeat, wormwood, compressed honeydew, and pork floss, and the Hugo Disco with mezcal, miso-washed aquavit, golden coconut milk, carrot, orange, ginger, pimento dram, and beet espuma. 

A non-alcoholic cocktail from Little Rascal’s mixologist Keith Larry.

Little Rascal’s new brunch menu is served Saturday and Sunday 11 AM until 3 PM with reservations available on Resy.

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