Fandi Mata (74 Bayard St.), a lively Mediterranean restaurant in Williamsburg, serves a variety of flavorful cocktails. Milos Zica, the beverage director at Fandi Mata, has shared his recipe for the Grass is Greener cocktail.

“When creating cocktails at Fandi Mata, we believe that creativity starts by implementing a culinary approach to mixology,” Zica said.

“In this case homemade lemongrass/ginger syrup, which was born at the back of the house kitchen is the main focus and inspiration to the cocktail. All other ingredients are coming off with bold flavors, yet combined together they deliver three dimensional harmony on the palate. It’s one of the favorites among foodies and cocktail lovers,” explained Zica, noting that the Grass is Greener contains tasting notes of grassy, frothy, and smokey flavors.

See the recipe for the Grass is Greener below and find last week’s Community Cookbook recipe here.

Fandi Mata’s Grass is Greener



¾ ounce of lime juice

¾ ounce of lemongrass/ginger syrup

1 ounce of Ojo De Tigre mezcal

1 ounce of Avua Cachaça Prata

1 ounce of aquafaba

Pinch of cilantro

Grated lime zest


  1. Combine all ingredients, except lime zest, and shake. 
  2. Serve up in a coupe. 
  3. Garnish with grated lime zest.

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