Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

The whole neighborhood was buzzing this week about the new collaboration between Peter Pan and Edith’s (maybe it was the coffee glaze on the doughnut?)

One of the best parts about this job is highlighting the immensely creative neighbors we have here in Greenpoint. Enter the weird and wonderful world of local artist Howard Lerner. Spend some time digging for antique gems with Billy Buys Brooklyn. And be sure to stop by Cafe Grumpy and check out their latest community art show, a joint effort from baristas and customers alike.

Get involved with local efforts to bring curbside composting to more households. There’s no telling when there will be more stargazing at Transmitter Park, but keep your eyes peeled for a potential tenth-anniversary celebration coming up in September.

It was a big week for buns! Learn how to make a lobster roll, and also, sorry to this person’s lost McRib from Bonnie’s. (The bun connection here is that both stories involved food served on buns. Look, I do this every week, and have to come up with something.)


We’re counting down the days until the August 23 primary election. If you haven’t been keeping up, watch this recent debate between the candidates for State Senate District 59.

The stylish home decor store Porter James announced they have closed their store on Franklin Street. Staying indoors this weekend? Swing by the Greenpoint Library to check out the latest in their summer programming.

In and around North Brooklyn

Greenpoint’s legendary pizza master Paul Giannone was hit by a foul ball at a recent Yankees game. Aaron Judge, if you’re out there, the man would like your signature.

It’s apparently National Oyster Day! Celebrate at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster.

News12 The Bronx featured a story about the fight to make McGuinness safe.

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