Since late last year, Bonnie’s has been taking the neighborhood by storm with its Cantonese American menu expertly crafted by owner and chef (and Win Son alum) Calvin Eng, who sweetly credits both the name and inspiration to his mother. But the sweetness doesn’t stop there — it’s really no surprise that such a buzzy, busy spot (both reservations and walk-in tables are extremely hard to come by) inspired a recent potential love connection.

This Craigslist Missed Connection harkens back to the book of Genesis and humanity’s original couple sharing a (Mc)Rib — Bonnie’s own version of both the fast food delicacy and a religious experience, featuring a cha siu glaze, steamed ribs, Chinese hot mustard, onion, bread and butter pickles, and a milk bun. Actually, the most surprising part of this post is that there was half left over.

And, because a proper Greenpoint-Williamsburg love connection is never complete with just one community hot spot, the night ended at Jimbo Slims, perhaps watching reruns of Jeopardy or enjoying a nightcap of a $7 Bud can and well shot.

While we’re not sure how likely another Bonnie’s reservation is in these two love birds’ near future, at least they’ll always have Jimbo’s.

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