PoliticsNY has been hosting a series of debates between candidates for both State Senate and congressional districts. On July 29, they hosted one for the candidates in District 59.

Now that Françoise Olivas has announced she would bow out, four candidates remain in the race — Mike Corbett, Elizabeth Crowley, Kristen Gonzalez, and Nomiki Konst.

Moderators Jane Hanson and Stephen Witt asked questions about how candidates would keep children safe in schools, gun control, and defunding the police.

In an unusual twist, the candidates got a chance to ask each other questions at the end of the debate. Corbett asked Crowley to name something specific she did to benefit the district. Gonzalez asked Crowley why she is taking real estate, Republican, and lobbyist money, despite professing her desire to do otherwise. Crowley asked Konst to talk a little more about the organizations and groups in Astoria that she has worked with. Konst closed by asking Gonzalez why she had not signed a clean campaign pledge.

Early voting lasts from August 13 – 21. Election day is August 23.


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