Before Greenpointers snagged a physical office space, Cafe Grumpy (193 Meserole Avenue) usually served as my go-to place. The baristas are friendly, the WiFi is accessible, and it’s large enough to usually find a spot to do work.

With ample seating, a shared bookshelf, and artwork adorning the walls, Cafe Grumpy has always felt like a cozy, community-oriented place. Now, they’ve announced their latest lineup of works, all available for purchase. The Summer Art Show, curated by cafe manager Stephanie Morera and barista Nicole Holguin, is currently running until September 27.

“Nicole and Stephanie reached out about trying to do something with customers and people in Greenpoint, so this is their initiative. They’ve kind of spearheaded this one to put together a group show,” owner Caroline Bell told Greenpointers. While the coffee shop has hosted staff shows before, Bell says that this is the first time that staff specifically reached out to customers to put something together.

With such a dedicated local following (seriously, the same regulars are in the shop every day), it should be interesting to see what our neighbors have been busy creating.

Cafe Grumpy has always been dedicated to supporting local artists. When they first opened in Greenpoint in 2005, the back portion of the coffee shop served as a gallery space.

Image courtesy of Caroline Bell

The artists represented at the space are: Kaz, Isaac Bruné, Nim Ben-Reuven, Alisa Harvey, Johnny D, Layla Nami, Ata Secilmis, Lauren Oliveri, Vanessa Mejia, Nicole Holguin.

Cafe Grumpy is open every day, from Monday-Friday 7 a.m-7:30 p.m, and Saturday & Sunday 9 a.m – 4 p.m.

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