Unfortunately, Greenpoint and North Brooklyn, a business is closing its doors. On July 28, Porter James of New York announced on their Instagram they are closing after seven years. 

It is a sad day whenever a business closes, especially one that has been around as long as Porter James has. They are still in the process of selling all their in-store items. So stop by and grab things while you still can, until this Sunday. Bring cash!

Inside Porter James of New York. Photo courtesy of Co-Owners Kyla Burney and Catherine Csoke.

Porter James Of New York is a vintage furniture and home store where one could find furniture, art and miscellaneous items. It was founded in 2016 by Kyla Burney and Catherine Csoke. They even created their own signature line of home decor called At Home with Porter James

Named after Burney’s grandfather’s two first names, the business evolved from Burney’s and Csoke’s shared love and appreciation of fusing vintage design styles together in a fresh and fun way.

Inside Porter James of New York. Photo courtesy of Co-Owners Kyla Burney and Catherine Csoke.

Burney and Csoke also offer services like interior styling, custom upholstery & refinishing, and rental within Porter James. They state on their website that, “we believe that the home is the center of comfort and creative expression. Make your space your own with Porter James of New York.” 


But do not fret entirely, one can continue to make their own space with Porter James because Porter James is still alive via online. Porter James will also continue to grow their interior styling and design business. So while you may not be able to visit the store anymore, you still can virtually, via the website and their Instagram. You can also still take advantage of their interior design services. 

Inside Porter James of New York. Photo courtesy of Co-Owners Kyla Burney and Catherine Csoke.

With the pandemic comes change or adaptation. Csoke shared that they are closing to adapt to the post-COVID world. They are meeting their clientele where they’re at in their homes and in their lives so “the need for [a] brick and mortar storefront has diminished given the way we are now all using the internet and social media.”

As they nourish that need, the closing is still bittersweet for them but they are grateful especially to all their neighbors, customers and followers. Porter James has grown so much and they’ve also got to see Greenpoint grow alongside them. They’ve loved being a part of Greenpoint and its wonderful community. They will miss all the daily interactions they’ve had with their neighbors and their loving puppies.

Inside Porter James of New York. Photo courtesy of Co-Owners Kyla Burney and Catherine Csoke.

“Greenpoint has always been an amazing and supportive community, we are incredibly thankful for all who have been a part of our store and our story,” said Csoke.

From the beginning, when they decided to put Porter James of New York here, they knew Greenpoint was the place. 

“The character and quality of the neighborhood matched the essence of the brand. An intersection of old-New-York charm infused with dynamic new energy,” continued Csoke. 

Porter James of New York Co-Owners Kyla Burney (right) and Catherine Csoke (left). Photo courtesy of Co-Owners Kyla Burney and Catherine Csoke.

It may be farewell to Porter James of New York’s physical Greenpoint location but Porter James will still be around. And so will co-owners Burney and Csoke (but in different ways). Burney will continue with interior design through Porter James and Adaptations (a lifestyle boutique of modern and vintage pieces) and traveling down to Mexico in her renovated van. Csoke will be parting ways with the company and developing a new career in residential real estate, helping others find their new homes and offering Reiki at Sparsa Greenpoint.

So chin up everyone and don’t be too sad, you can still get a curated collection of objects, furniture, and artwork vintage and modern pieces online. But let’s have another moment of silence for Porter James’ physical Greenpoint location: 116 Franklin St.

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