Happy Friday, Greenpoint! Can you believe it’s mid-October? The weather may disagree, but we’re deep into prime Brooklyn Autumn.

This week, we shared the news that an all-day cafe, Daytime, is opening in the former Blue Stove space. Those in the mood for Korean treats can also head to Afternoon, which opened a small food hall with mochi donuts, croffles and more, in the neighborhood. For dinner, swing by the just-opened Nura, the trendy new restaurant in a large converted space on Norman Ave.

We also wrote about The Sill opening its newest plant and lifestyle shop in Williamsburg.

Greenpoint is becoming a coffee hub, with the latest spot, For the Record, opening with vinyl and caffeinated drinks on Manhattan Ave. Blank Brooklyn is also new in our corner of Brooklyn, right of McGolrick Park with a new selection of baumrings, their signature treat.

Also this week, we sadly reported that the Greenpoint ferry will be out of commission until June 2022. Boat lovers, however, can enjoy our story on the artist who lived on Newtown Creek.


Also creative: Greenpoint artist Emily Chen, who illustrates some of the neighborhood’s most delicious restaurant dishes.

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