BLANK Brooklyn is a new neighborhood go-to cafe! If word hasn’t gotten around to you yet, your taste buds will be very thankful for what you are about to read.  

BLANK has been around since 2013, originating in South Williamsburg. However, as a food and beverage business, it too was hit hard by the pandemic and had to close permanently in 2020.

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, BLANK recently reopened and relocated to its current location – 192 Nassau Avenue. Store hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 8 AM – 4 PM

Photo Credit: BLANK Brooklyn

Their best sellers are anything with Matcha, Baum Sand (Bacon and Egg is well-loved by the neighborhood) and of course, their signature Baumrings. If you’re wondering what Baumrings are. Here are some close-ups to do it justice.

These goodies are baked in their kitchen every day. It is a good gift for any occasion, bound to make you the favorite guest to any host. 


Baumrings are also known as ‘Tree Cakes’. Originally from Germany, these sweet treats are also popular in Japan. BLANK Brooklyn has taken it a step further by creating their own authentic recipe from scratch. 

BLANK Brooklyn is also a roasting company. Their cold brew is all ready to be the best supporting beverage pairing. The team recommends pairing their cold brew with plain Baumrings, or latte with Cream Layered Baum Sand. For the caffeine fanatics, you’d be down to pair a double espresso with espresso Baumrings. 

Photo Credit: BLANK Brooklyn

Get your hands on these beauts soon. Not only do they taste good, but the food is also oh-so-therapeutic to look at. 

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