Xi’an Famous Foods in Greenpoint will not reopen.

The New York City western Chinese chain Xi’an Famous Foods (648 Manhattan Ave.) and local vintage store Fox and Fawn (599 Manhattan Ave.) are the latest closures in Greenpoint as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

A note from the CEO on the front of Xi’an Famous Foods in Greenpoint.

Greenpoint’s Xi’an Famous Foods closed on March 14th following the initial coronavirus outbreak, and a note on the website states that by closing the business took “immediate precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19,” in order to protect employees and customers.

The local family-owned chain has 13 other locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, and a note posted on the front of the Greenpoint shop states that the restaurant is permanently closed, but to keep an eye out for the reopening of the other locations.

Fox and Fawn relocated from 570 Manhattan Ave. to a new space at 599 Manhattan Ave. in Februrary, but the new location is closing following a few “devastating months” as retail continues to takes a major hit while the economy slows due to coronavirus.

Fox and Fawn will close this month.

A note posted on social media states that the shop will be open for pickup this Friday – Sunday from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. for pickup of purchases made through the Fox and Fawn Instagram, where items will continue to be listed for sale beyond the stores closure:


So it’s with a heavy heart that I am going to have to close the physical location of Fox and Fawn. This decision has been grueling but the last few months were pretty devastating and the future of the economy is extremely uncertain and risky for such a small business. I will still be doing Instagram sales and I am going to figure out how to do selective appointment buying. This is all very scary and will probably take a minute to figure out …and maybe in a year I’ll be able to re-open another brick and mortar I will be at the shop from 1-4 this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can come by to pick up insta purchases and if you have spring or summer to sell, I can take a look at some stuff. I am going to be selective, looking for vintage and designer only and I will need to write checks that can be deposited right away. Anyway, I feel so many emotions and I don’t want to be to sappy…but thank you so damn much for all of your support and love over the years. When I wanted to give up it was because of you that I didn’t. On bad days your support filled my heart. YOU are Fox and Fawn because you really are the only reason it ever existed in the first place. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you. I hope you will keep shopping online with me as I enter this next phase


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