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11 Summer Staples And Where To Buy Them Locally

summer styles
I am having a love affair with summer. The warm air, beach trips, late nights, and over all adventure are exhilarating. Why not up your summer vibes with some new pieces in your wardrobe? Even more, why not do that while supporting local business?
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Spring Clean Your Closet: Selling Tips from Vintage Buyers

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After the winter of discontent, Spring is finally starting to flit around Greenpoint. Maybe you’re eyeing a new floral print dress, a vintage leather backpack, or just something that isn’t a puffer coat of epic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man proportions?

Get your Spring on and clean out those closets. With a little cash on hand for your gently loved clothes, you can score new pieces (or vintage finds) anytime. I rounded up some of my favorite buyers and Brooklyn shops to get the best advice on where and how to sell back your clothes, and not to mention, the best and weirdest finds in the shop. Continue reading

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Fox & Fawn

I’ve been a fan of Fax & Fawn pretty much since they opened last year. It’s a small vintage clothing shop that always has something I fall in love with. Shop partners Marissa and Beverly are real deal vintie lovers. The store has a great selection of wearable vintage that’s perfectly on trend and unique. Stop in and I guarantee you will find something you love and at a price you’ll love, too. Last winter I purchased a cute pair of black Minnetonka fringe boots for just $17. Score!

On this trip I was in the market to sell and trade. Fox and Fawn purchases gently worn vintage and designer items and offer 35% cash or 55% store credit on their appraised retail prices. No appointment necessary, walk-ins welcome Monday – Saturday: 12 – 7:30 and from 12-6:30 on Sundays.

Whittling down my own vintage stock, I brought in a couple of bags of clothes, and even though my sister spent more than half on some new threads, I still walked out of there with a tidy profit. Absolutely a solid place to get a fair price and not have to deal with the attitude at Beacon’s Closet or the long lines at Buffalo Exchange.

Fox & Fawn
570 Manhattan Avenue
718-349-9510 or [email protected]

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