Selamat Pagi (152 Driggs Ave.) will close on Feb. 22nd. (Image via Google Maps)

Greenpoint Indonesian restaurant Selamat Pagi (152 Driggs Ave.) will close on February 22nd after eight years on Driggs Avenue.

After the team behind Van Leeuwen Ice Cream opened the restaurant in the fall of 2012, Selamat Pagi became one of the only Indonesian-style restaurants in the area serving seasonal and traditional dishes.

It’s with a heavy heart we share that we will be closing Selamat Pagi. Our last night of service with be Saturday February 22, 2020.

Selamat Pagi began as a true passion project 8 years ago and we will close our doors with much love and gratitude for our team, guests and neighbors who helped make Selamat Pagi such a special and delicious moment in time.

As we continue to grow Van Leeuwen Ice Cream we can no longer give Selamat Pagi the attention it deserves, so this feels like a good time to say….. Selamat Malam (goodnight). We plan to pass the baton to someone who can can breath new life in to this very special neighborhood space, for inquiries please contact

Please stop by for dinner over the next 3 weeks to celebrate and farewell Selamat Pagi.

Much Love,
Laura, Ben, Pete, Taylor, Neslie and Team


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