Greenpoint closings

Greenpoint Indonesian Restaurant Selamat Pagi Will Close in February

Selamat Pagi (152 Driggs Ave.) will close on Feb. 22nd. (Image via Google Maps)

Greenpoint Indonesian restaurant Selamat Pagi (152 Driggs Ave.) will close on February 22nd after eight years on Driggs Avenue.

After the team behind Van Leeuwen Ice Cream opened the restaurant in the fall of 2012, Selamat Pagi became one of the only Indonesian-style restaurants in the area serving seasonal and traditional dishes. Continue reading

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Tom Cats Barber Shop Closes Abruptly as Employees Plan to Open New Shop

Tomcats Barber Shop is now closed.

After more than 13 years in the neighborhood, Tomcats Barber Shop (135 India St.) is closed.

Employees say that they received notice two days prior to the October 13th closure via text message from the business owner.

Inside the now-closed Tomcats Barber Shop.

The barbershop had roughly a year left on the lease at 135 India St. when the decision to close was made by the owner, who lives out of state, Tomcats employees say. Continue reading

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Northern Territory Will Not Reopen This Year

Northern Territory Rooftop

This past November, we announced that Northern Territory would be hibernating for the winter and planned to reopen this Spring (as in now) for their final year at the corner of Franklin and Meserole Avenue before the building is razed for new development. Sadly, Nothern Territory will remain officially closed.

Jamie Toll, photo by Ian Hartsoe.

Why the sudden change of plans? Even though their lease is up at the end of the year, Northern Territory “came to an agreement with the new landlord” to be out in a few months and make way for the seven-story office and manufacturing building that is slated to be built. Continue reading

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