The India Street entrance to the NYC Ferry on Monday didn’t flood as NYC DEP was on the scene.

The flood waters sparred the entrance to the India Street pier on Monday during the rainstorm after recent flooding caused ferry commuters to speak out.

Workers from the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection were spotted at India Street on Monday during the rain where they monitored the water. Commuters claimed that the DEP drained the catch basin at the end of India street to keep the water flowing, and the DEP’s actions yesterday appeared to have worked.

It was previously reported that the flood-prone section of India Street lacks drainage infrastructure and that the developer of “The Greenpoint” is planning to install an elevated walkway. Curbed reports that talks are underway with the Dept. of Transportation on the elevated walkway:

As a temporary solution, the developer behind 21 India Street has offered to install an elevated walkway connecting the current dead end of the northern sidewalk directly to the ferry landing on the south side of the street, according to a spokesperson on behalf of the project.

“This work could be completed within days presuming cooperation and support of local officials, and would be performed at our cost,” said a spokesperson for The Greenpoint, the condo at 21 India Street. “We believe this would provide a clear path for commuters and demonstrate our commitment to the good of the local community.”

Levin’s office is in talks with the Department of Transportation to expedite the permitting process for such a connection, says Solotaire. The Greenpoint says it did put forward a potential sewer infrastructure solution to the issue in the past, but that it was not approved by the city, according to the developer and Levin’s office. Regardless, the long term fix will likely take years with the construction of new sewers, but local officials are working to ensure there will be a reliable alternative in the meantime.

“We want to make sure everyone can safely make it to the ferry landing without having to wear galoshes,” said Solotaire.


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  1. Some of my friends call the new 21 India St. The Greenpoint tower, the tower of babel like in the Bible ie a monument to bad planning.

    Well it didn’t fall down like in the Bible but the next worst thing happened it rained for forty days and forty nights.

    Where is Noah when you need him.

  2. Yes, but look at the bright side.
    The ferry riders and the condo-owners will have a brand new skating rink when the weather turns frigid.
    All they’ll need is a hot chocolate stand….
    It’s a shame that no one gave a damn when Greenpoint was composed of ordinary working-class residents, who are now being pushed out by the unchecked greed of developers and owners.

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