Crossing the India Street “pond”

The entrance to the NYC Ferry at India Street has been flooding for months (if not more than a year) and the city vowed to take action after last week’s flooded ferry commute where multiple ferry riders shared their experiences.



While our development is not the cause of flooding on India Street near the ferry terminal, we are willing to help ease the pain for commuters while the City resolves the underlying issues regarding drainage on its property. The Greenpoint would like to immediately install a temporary elevated walkway connecting the current dead end of the northern sidewalk directly to the ferry landing on the south side. This work could be completed within days presuming cooperation and support of local officials, and would be performed at our cost. We believe this would provide a clear path for commuters and demonstrate our commitment to the good of the local community.

We have learned that the lack of proper drainage along the dead end of India Street is a condition that long predates our project. According to City records, approved drainage has never existed there. The permanent resolution of this lies with the City, and may be a slow process. The Greenpoint previously proposed alternative permanent solutions to applicable City agencies, which were rejected, but we are glad to revisit them with the City in light of the growing difficulties being faced by so many commuters.

The current walkway for India Street ferry commuters that often floods during rain.

In an interview with NBC 4 last week at the ferry entrance, Councilman Stephen Levin confirmed that there’s likely no sewer or drainage infrastructure under India Street, which is causing the flooding. While the walkway could be ready next door at The Greenpoint in the very near future, it may take years to install drainage and sewer infrastructure.

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  1. Do the right thing and meet mutual amends to take responsibility over finding a permanent remedy to this.
    The blame game and simply passing the buck is flat out bullsh#* when health and safety is at hand. This overdue walkway token for the neighborhood travelers, or for the mis-led future tenants , shows ZERO consideration to the impending health and safety livelihoods likely to become more affected. At the moment there is only 1 safe means to exit the ferry landing on a dry day. Forcing children and the disabled to traverse through a sewage flooded street on a bad day? Not good enough.

    None of the parties involved are showing proper consideration to fix this permanently and rather wait until the insurance lawsuits start coming in? And then there’s a measles outbreak- Please.

    Horrible job on all groups involved. Time to step up people.

  2. Sounds like “Murphy’s Law”.

    I can’t believe all those they were involved in building The Greenpoint Tower aka the tower of Babel, whether it be the city, owners, construction people, planners etc. did not see this coming.

  3. If India Street has no drainage infrastructure or sewer, I believe it would take years before commuters and Greenpoint residents experience no flooding. Not only that, but the flooding also causes danger to businesses and pedestrians. As I understand it, the developer has installed an elevated walkway to connect the northern sidewalk’s dead end to the ferry landing on the street’s south side to provide a clear path. I appreciate that. But still, it’s temporary. 

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