This past November, we announced that Northern Territory would be hibernating for the winter and planned to reopen this Spring (as in now) for their final year at the corner of Franklin and Meserole Avenue before the building is razed for new development. Sadly, Nothern Territory will remain officially closed.

Jamie Toll, photo by Ian Hartsoe.

Why the sudden change of plans? Even though their lease is up at the end of the year, Northern Territory “came to an agreement with the new landlord” to be out in a few months and make way for the seven-story office and manufacturing building that is slated to be built.

The planned office and manufacturing building to open in 2021 at 12 Franklin St. (FXCOLLABORATIVE/BEZIER)

This is a real downer as we were looking forward to gearing up for one last summer on Northern Territory’s epic roof. But owner Jamie Toll assured us: “We’re not going away. Just taking the opportunity to look for a new space.”

And of course, they will not be leaving without one big final bash so be on the lookout for pop-up events and one last farewell party.


“Thank you to the neighborhood for all of their support over the years, we’re actively looking for spaces in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg area and we hope to see you in 2020,” said co-owners Vanessa Lang, Katie Bruce, and Jamie Toll.

The summer rooftop crowd at Northern Territory
Artist Jamie Toll on the rooftop of his bar, Northern Territory. Photo by Ian Hartsoe

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