A Ruth Bader Ginsburg poster was vandalized in Greenpoint on Tuesday inside the Nassau Avenue G subway station with the words “Die Jew Bitch” along with a drawing of a swastika.

The hate graffiti quickly drew condemnation from Mayor de Blasio who is asking for public assistance in identifying the person responsible:


The NYPD tweeted that the Hate Crimes Task Force was on the case:

Borough President Eric Adams called for any footage of the incident to be released to the police:

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  1. When Trump spouts his hateful, divisive, xenophobic, misogynistic and racist rhetoric day in and day out it makes these perps think (if “think” is the right word for these imbeciles) that it is now somehow normal and acceptable to act out in such childish and hurtful ways.
    It wasn’t before, and it isn’t now.

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