Fans of Rye have nine days to grab one last meal there. The restaurant has been a local hangout at 247 South 1st St for 10 years now, but their chef Cal Elliott announced they’ve lost their lease. You have until the end of dinner service next Saturday night, the 17th, to say your goodbyes. [Instagram]

Greenpoint Beer & Ale made history last week when they opened Annicka. When you stop by, you’ll notice that all of their taps are from Greenpoint beer and there’s a big reason behind that. The restaurant is the first opened up New York State’s farm brewery license. This allows Greenpoint Beer & Ale’s owner, Ed Raven, to serve beer by the glass without a separate license and, since he owns a brewery, to do that at an off-premises restaurant. As for food, Ed is collaborating with a bunch of locals including people from North Brooklyn Farms. We’ll have more on Annicka tomorrow! [New York Times]

Littleneck’s expansion to 131 Grand Street appeared to be going well until the space abruptly shut its doors. Looks like Littleneck is working with a former owner & booker of LES’s Cakeshop (RIP) to open Wonders of Nature. Word is there’s a little stage and random non-amplified shows have been occurring. [Brooklyn Vegan]

Back in January, Mulholland’s, the sports bar at 312 Grand Street, quickly shuttered. No word on the cause, but according to the announcement, it wasn’t about lease issues. [Facebook]


Sometime during the fall, MP Taverna, the massive space at 470 Driggs Ave, cleared out the space and locked the doors forever. The 120-seat restaurant opened in May 2015 with plans for an additional performance space though that never seemed to materialize.

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