Still from documentary short about the mural

By now you’ve surely noticed the 4-story mural on the building on the corner of Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenue. Completed in late October, painted by Swedish artist Ola Kalnins, the mural covers the entire building facade at 903 Manhattan Ave, which is owned by Peter Kirchhausen.

In a neighborhood that seems to be more and more inundated with advertising (hand-painted or otherwise), it’s damn refreshing to see some art for arts sake.

Funded by the Consulate General of Sweden, the creation of this beautiful mural is documented in this short film. Enjoy!

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  1. Whatever happened to the Landmark area which this is in? My landlord tried to change the top of our bldg. and told he could not do it.

    I don’t think that had paint splashed exposed sides of building were popular back in the day and thus not landmark correct.

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