Lifestyle changes happen when children enter the picture and “family time” becomes the new thing. As far as dining out goes, parents need to either get a babysitter for the occasion or find some haunts that are child-friendly. Most of us that live in Greenpoint (and New York City in general) can’t quite get enough of the cuisine this city has to offer, so it’s good to be in the know about places to take the kiddos.

Babies under 6 months or so usually are very portable and can easily slide into a booth with you in a cozy carrier or right next to parents snoozing away in a stroller. But once your kids are a little bit older, the dining challenges begin to present themselves.

This list isn’t for entertaining children (i.e. kid-themed or places with kid menus, etc) as most of those restaurants are in Manhattan and also have a specific vibe. It’s for when you need a restaurant you’d like to go to with little ones in tow and not worry about whether or not everyone will be welcome.

Let us know where to get this onesie in adult sizes. Image: Calexiconyc/Instagram

Calexico | 645 Manhattan Ave
This Mexican restaurant started out as a food cart in SoHo and expanded to become a Greenpoint staple. The place is always rockin’, the employees are really kind toward kids, and….they have high chairs. Employees will help you find a place to park the stroller, and then grab a high chair and crayons while you get situated with the kiddos. There’s enough space to move around the restaurant comfortably, but there’s also a feeling of just blending in with the other patrons there easily (rather than just being that noisy family in the corner). Highly recommend! Oh, and don’t forget extra crack sauce!

Enid’s | 560 Manhattan Ave
What started out as a local bar in Greenpoint has become so much more with a full menu for dinner, lunch and even brunch. Pinball, spacious booths, the massive sequined camel, and high ceilings/walls with character all go a long way for entertaining kids at this restaurant. There are high chairs here so younger kids can join the party. It’s next to McCarren Park as well which is definitely convenient for helping kiddos to burn off some energy either before or after a meal.

Image: Restaurant Norman/Instagram

Norman | 29 Norman Ave
A kid-friendly, upscale, well-designed restaurant…sounds like a contradiction in terms. However, this restaurant is Scandinavian and very considerate of children. It’s spacious, has beautiful Stokke high chairs for the kids, and the food is divine. Meals are ordered at the counter and when your name is called you go up and grab your order, so it’s not the feeling of a high-end restaurant with that element present. There’s a common area between the restaurant and the creative space, A/D/O, with a circular couch for hanging out on that smaller crawler kids or toddlers can explore (or just to take a break from the dining area for a bit). The prices are higher here but the gustatory experience is worth it. And you did it without a babysitter!

Threes at Franklin + Kent | 113 Franklin St
Threes Brewing’s offshoot of their place in Gowanus is low-key and inviting with a smaller, selected menu and good vibes. We were welcomed in with our stroller and the staff was sweet and generous. Order at the bar and the awesome food made by Purslane is delivered to your table, in our case very quickly. The windows are big and the place has space. There are booths that make it more comfy for older kids but no high chairs. This no-fuss restaurant is good for families looking for a quick bite.

Spritzenhaus33 | 33 Nassau Ave
Ah, this place is so baby-friendly that parent meetup groups often gather here (usually on Fridays) and commiserate about all things new baby. You’ll see strollers gathered around the benches and parents wearing baby carriers left and right. There’s so much room and even a cozy but big fireplace; it’s a great place to take the little ones. The employees are used to it also so there’s never an eyebrow raised. The food is mostly brats (including a veggie version), big soft pretzels and fries but all quite delicious and gets the job done.

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  1. Hi Erin – gotta say I disagree about calexico. They parade as kid friendly but only have 3 tables they allow high chairs at and are always so busy it’s hard to get in with a baby. The hosts always seem irritated when I try to get in with my kiddo. And I also disagree that there’s room to move. It’s very cramped in there. You sit on top of your neighbors. And the high chair friendly tables run alongside the bar so again depending on when you go it’s usually very busy and chaotic.

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