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$1 oysters, $5 beers, 2-for-1 cake slices, these are just some of the great happy hour deals we can find in North Brooklyn, each making the end of the day a little bit brighter. And now you can add 21 Greenpoint’s $15 pizza special to the list. This isn’t any old pizza, though, it’s star-shaped because really, we all deserve a star for making it this far.

Gothamist broke the news about the pizza + wine/beer happy hour back in January, and it took me a completely inexcusable amount of time to wander over to 21 Greenpoint to try it out. In 2017, any dinner that’s $15+tip is a win in my book, but this one is notable since it’s your own personal pizza plus something from 21 Greenpoint’s impressive wine list. Yes, you read that right: it isn’t a few slices, it’s your own stuffed pizza. And well worth it. If you’re someone who has yet to taste 21 Greenpoint’s regular pizzas, it will definitely whet your appetite.

Available during the week from 6pm – 8pm, the pizza itself is six slices and definitely enough for one meal. At the ends of each slice, the crust has been turned into a triangle, forming the star point, and stuffed with fresh ricotta. You can pick any pizza on the menu, and since I judge everyone on their Margherita, I went for that. The slightly sweet sauce and fresh mozzarella are on-point and little wisps of crispy guanciale only add to the deliciousness, but honestly, the stuffed crust was my favorite part. If you choose wine, they offer a red and a white. I went red as the house that night was a strong Garnacha for a perfect match. This is a strong recommend.

Happy hour pizza isn’t the only way to enjoy 21 Greenpoint when on a budget. They’ve been running a special $21 prix fixe Sunday night dinner. The meal consists of five courses, with the menu changing literally through the evening as it’s based off the ingredients they have on hand. For a place where the cheapest entrée is over $20, you definitely can’t go wrong with a special like this.

21 Greenpoint is located at 21 Greenpoint Avenue. They are open Tuesday to Thursday, 6pm – 11pm; Friday, 6pm – midnight; Saturday, 11am – midnight; and Sunday, 11am – 10pm.


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