Greenpoint Beer & Ale (7 North 15th Street) simply couldn’t contain themselves to one Oktoberfest weekend so they decided to celebrate the booziest of holidays all damn month. They’ll kick off this weekend Oct. 8th, with a brilliant lineup of house lagers and pilsners plus a very special guest list from our favorite German purveyors, Shelton Brothers (listed below:) All month they’ll have special beer releases and seasonal food offerings that will propel you mind, soul and liver immediately to November, OH BOY!

Check out their Oktoberfest Guest Beers:

Mahrs Ungespundet Lager, 5.2%, Kellerbier
Their favorite lager on planet earth and very highly regarded. Fresh, perfumy hop aroma. Remarkably smooth, very fresh flavors and a spritzy dry finish with beautiful balance. This is a delicious, appetizing beer and a true taste of Germany.

Kapuziner Weisse, 5.4%, Hefeweizen
Advertised as the most “refreshing beer in the world.” Made with specialty yeast and malted wheat. Showcases yeasty tangy flavors complimented by a solid malt body and a delightful tropical fruitiness. Unfiltered, hazy and as far as wheat beers go, awesome.


Freigeist Köpenickiade Dolium, 3.5%, Berliner Weisse
A quirky twist on the Berlin style—a clean, fresh weisse made with spelt (an ancient form of wheat) and barley malts. This is a beer lovers beer. It’s sour, refreshing and very food appropriate. Especially complimentary to fatty cheeses and sausages.

Kyritzer Mord & Totschlag, 7.2%, Schwarzbier
A legendary German schwarz, or black beer, originally brewed for the knights of Kyritz an der Knatter as early the 17th century. At the time became famous at such far-away places as Hamburg and Lubeck. Rich and robust dark specialty beer. Brilliant with dark bread and spaetzle.

Weissenohe Altfränkisch Klosterbier (Gravity Cask), 5.1%, Marzen
German Märzen beer. Hearty, amber-colored, malty, and finely balanced lager that is refreshing and filling all at once. Was the original staple of Oktoberfest celebrations. The Monk’s Fest comesfrom the beautiful monastery at Weissenohe, in the green wooded hills of Franconia, northern Bavaria. This rare, traditional, and very tasty ‘liquid bread’, is as close as you can get to the real thing.

Weissenohe Green Monkey with Hersbrucker (Gravity Cask), 5.8%, Oktoberfest
Hoppy pilsner from one of the most highly regarded monasteries in Germany. This beer is brand new so not much is written about it. The breweries states it’s the hoppiest beer they’ve ever made and the folks at Shelton rave about it. Expect clean pretty malt with slight minerality and bright dry finish. It will be extraordinary the first day it’s tapped.

Music this Weekend at Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.

Sweet Meg & The Wayfarers, Friday Night 9-12!
Hot Jazz, Blues & Swing.

Seth Kessel & The Two Cent Band, Saturday Night 9-12!
Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Blues & Swing.

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