Does the end of summer have you feeling blue? Unfeel all your feels and keep that summer vibe going with these tasty frozen cocktails served long after your tan fades.

Frozen White Sangria – Northern Territory

Northern Territory
12 Franklin St., Greenpoint

Frozen White Sangria $12
Enjoy this frozen White Sangria with a killer view of Manhattan from this north Brooklyn rooftop. Additional frozen cocktails on rotation.

Frozen Negroni – Lake Street Bar

Lake Street Bar
706 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint


Frozen Negroni $12
This take on a classic will have you doubting its strength in frozen form, but don’t be fooled this refreshing version can still knock you off your bar stool.

Frozen Piña Colada – Broken Land

Broken Land
105 Franklin St., Greenpoint

Frozen Piña Colada $8 sm $12 lrg
This tropical drink is about as summer as it gets with fresh squeezed pineapple juice, coconut cream and two kinds of rum. It’s not your cruise ship cocktail.

Frozen Cosmo – Samson’s (In Delilah’s Steaks)

Samson’s (In Delilah’s Steaks)
55 S McGuinness Blvd. @ Engert St., Greenpoint

Frozen Cosmo $8
Pink and tart like a Cosmo, but with a twist. No cranberry juice here, but simulated with a mix of Contratto Bitter, Triple Sec and simple syrup (vodka & ice). Also available, a frozen Dark & Stormy, Piña Colada, Margarita and Daiquiri. All bases covered.

Dark and Stormy Frozen – Battery Harris

Battery Harris
64 Frost Street @ Meeker, Williamsburg

Dark and Stormy Frozen $11
This stand out beverage with five spice ginger syrup will warm your heart just like that summer fling you already forgot about. They offer other frozen options to keep that beach vibe going.

Frozen Cocktails – Nights and Weekends

Nights and Weekends
1 Bedford Ave., Greenpoint

Several options here to strike your fancy including the Painkiller, Paloma, Pisco Punch and Wester Sour and wildcard drinks including frozen Margaritas. $11 (Cash Only)

Frozen Motrin – Goldie’s

195 Nassau Ave., Greenpoint

The Frozen Motrin $12
One taste will take your mind poolside to the British Virgin Islands. Too many will have you reaching for the Motrin in the morning. Frozen Margarita also available.

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