At first Tommy James, DJ and live music curator at Good Room on Meserole Avenue, comes off as just another humble British expat living in Greenpoint. Only upon researching this piece did I discover his many musical accomplishments. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that in some circles Tommy James is even something of a legend, but one thing is certain: success has not jaded him, nor dimmed his passion for music. And it’s this passion for music that has helped make Good Room an epic venue for live music.

Tommy achieved personal success in the 1990s. Brilliant, unconventional, unique and revolutionary are just a few of the words of praise that musical critics have lavished on Tommy’s vocals and guitar tracks when he was frontman for the U.K. electronic act The Freaks of Desire. The group sizzled in the world’s most competitive music market—London. Freaks of Desire quickly got signed to a contract by the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, but Stewart was not the only person noticing the band’s unique sound. Their song “Beast Inside” was a highlight on the soundtrack for Showgirls sharing the bill with late greats Bowie and Prince. Eventually Tommy and his band arrived in NYC and took top clubs by storms. Successful gigs at CBGB’s, and Don Hill’s in the late nineties led to recording material with Martin Rushent (producer for Human League, The Buzzcocks and The Stranglers) and Bob Rosa (producer for Madonna, Janet Jackson among others). Through the early 2000’s he made the crossover to being a NY lounge, club and fashion DJ playing for a host of luminaries from Bill Clinton to Vogue Magazine and ultimately meeting Good Room owner Greg Brier as one of his resident DJs.

Clubbers at Good Room. Photo: Megan Penmann

Success in the music business corrupts a lot of people, but James prides himself on his integrity, which he feels is a key ingredient in Good Room’s success. James works hard to identify emerging talent and is eager to create a musical community where people in the field help each other achieve success. In an industry legendary for backstabbing and self-promotion, Tommy is a straight up breath of fresh air and that’s part of the reason so many top acts want to perform at Good Room.

Tommy has been in Greenpoint for a decade and loves both its working class ambiance and its great potential. He is always out looking for talent to introduce locally, and he takes great pride in bringing the area great shows. He’s passionate about building the club into another extraordinary Greenpoint location. The club’s rave reviews and solid booking confirm his vision and many agree James has helped create a unique local live venue that’s worth checking out.

Good Room is located at 98 Meserole Avenue in Greenpoint.


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