Photo via Lore Croghan, Brooklyn Eagle
In January, Assemblyman Lentol announced a temporary suspension of alternate side parking rules on film shoot days, but that hasn’t stopped film crews from competing for space with residents (hearsay is that the production crew of “Tiara” blocked off a G Train entrance during rush hour). Well, if you ever wanted a quantifiable look at just how movie-famous our neighborhood is, here’s an interactive map.
Subway slashings have officially landed on the G Line (well, it happened once, but still). Now, police are looking to amp up NYPD presence on the trains at night.
You may have heard about plans to reevaluate the Meeker Avenue crossing, but the rather congested North Brooklyn is going to be the subject of a larger, more comprehensive transportation study.

Here’s a lovely New York Times-style take on the wondrous land of Polish meats that you can still be transported to — though less and less.
An uncomfortable segue from that would be this recap from Brooklyn’s Hot Projects and Neighborhoods event, a schmooze-fest for developers and brokers eyeing Greenpoint’s waterfront.
There will be challenges surrounding the street car plan. But the DOT commissioner seems pleased with it nonetheless.
A “Gourmet Affair” is coming to 1133 Manhattan. Does this portend the end of God Bless Deli II?
“Last year, McGuinness had about 50 of its 341 medallions dormant at any time…Now it’s common to see more than 100 cabs sitting idle. Owner Gus Kodogiannis blames Uber.”
Like stealing candy from a child? There’s not enough parkland to go around for all the sports leagues in town, but adult teams got 90% of the field space the summer before last.
It might be small consolation, but advocates might convince the MTA to open as many as 10 closed entrances and 27 staircases blocked off along the G, L, J, M and Z lines to prepare for the L-Pocalypse.
Local hero Moe’s Doughs Donut Shop is bringing the rainbow pastry craze closer to home with their technicolor doughnuts. Formidable line coming soon.
Breaking news: a nice day in Brooklyn!

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