Don’t have plans for Oktoberfest? How about rocking out to Van Halen tunes over some tasty brews at The Diamond  for Rothtoberfest?

“Diamond” David Lee Roth turns 61 and given that the Diamond is named in honor of him, it’s a holiday they take very seriously. So tomorrow (Sat, 10/10) starting at 4pm, come through The Diamond (43 Franklin St) for food, booze, and an alternating set from Van Halen, German metal, and of course traditional German Oktoberfest tunes.

Good Stock will stop in and provide “Grilled Brats for Teacher”, “Running with the Deviled Eggs” and more you can munch on while tasting the variety of beers Diamond has on their list. Just so you have an idea of what’s to come, expect a fall centric beer list that includes Wissenohe Green Monkey dry-hopped zwickelbier served from a traditional German keg and spigot on the bar top. They will also be featuring Greenpoint Brew & Ale’ s Roggen with the Devil, a German-style rye (roggen) beer fermented with a hefe-weizen yeast.

Oh, added bonus: plenty of grainy old Van Halen videos will be projected on the back wall!


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