I am having a love affair with summer. The warm air, beach trips, late nights, and over all adventure are exhilarating. Why not up your summer vibes with some new pieces in your wardrobe? Even more, why not do that while supporting local business?

Here are some of my favorite summer must haves and where you can search for ’em.

1. Denim shorts. While you can certainly score a great pair at Alter, you might want to thrift from Dusty Rose, Fox & Fawn or Beacon’s, and you can even make your own.

2. Clogs. I love the flirty-but-minimalist clog style. Nina Z. and Maguba make some darling pairs, which are being sold at People of 2morrow, Antoinette, Shoe Market, and Wolves Within.

3. Printed A-line dresses. Thrift, thrift, thrift. I’m still being haunted by a dress I didn’t pick up from Fox & Fawn. I’m also addicted to browsing Antoinette because Lexi has an enigmatic summer style down pat.

4. Graphic tees. Vintage ones are perfect because they have just the right amount of wear, but I am also digging these retro motorcycle ones at Genuine Motorworks. If you want to rep your heavy metal love and a local bar, nab yourself a sick tee from St. Vitus. Their logo is beyond amaze.


5. Sunglasses. I’ve consistently noticed the best variety and prices at Alter, but that’s just my opinion.

6. Mid sized purse. I’m always on the hunt for a perfect day-to-night bag. Not a giant contraption to make me feel like a bag lady, but I don’t want a teeny cross body that I barely fit my keys and phone into. I’m eager to browse in Pas Mal, Wolves Within and Baggu (see featured image).

7. One statement piece of jewelry. Whether is a long pendant necklace, a collar, an impressive ring, or just some killer earrings — one essential piece can work with a myriad of summer outfits. My personal faves include In God We Trust, Line & Label, and Catbird.

8. Indie designer splurge. If you’re aching for an indie darling piece — a jumpsuit, a bangin’ dress, peep-toe booties or something else, Concrete & Water delivers.

9. Sandals. Because it’s hot as hell. Go norm core with Adidas flip flops from the various sporting good stores on Manhattan Ave. If you want to up your shoe game, go back to Concrete & Water or Alter for casual but dressy vibes.

10. Hawaiian shirts. It’s not summer without some kitsch, am I right? Scour all the vintage shops to your hearts desire. Take note of the following locales: Amacord, Awoke, Buffalo Exchange, Dusty Rose, Lavai Maria, Mahps, Mirth, Monk, and so on. Dusty Rose has a particularly awesome collection!

11. Snapbacks. Whether you want a sleek, minimalist snapback or something colorful, patterned or punchy, Greenpoint has all the fixings. Skater girls, go to East River Skate Shop and Havanah Jesus. If you want plain caps and ultra low budget, I spotted some snapbacks in Big D’s* window.

Store Locations:
Alter: 140 Franklin Street & 407 Graham Avenue
Amacord Vintage: 223 Bedford Avenue
Antoinette Vintage: 119 Grand Street
Awoke Vintage: 132 N 5th Street
Baggu: 242 Wythe Avenue, No. 4
Beacon’s Closet: 74 Guernsey Street
Big D: 777 Manhattan Avenue
Buffalo Exchange: 504 Driggs Avenue
Catbird: 219 Bedford Avenue
Concrete & Water: 485 Driggs Avenue
Dusty Rose Vintage: 251 Greenpoint Avenue
East River Skate Shop: 86 Greenpoint Avenue
Fox and Fawn: 570 Manhattan Avenue & 222 Varet Street
Genuine Motorworks: 195 N 14th Street
Havanah Jesus: (online only)
In God We Trust: 70 Greenpoint Avenue & 129 Bedford Avenue
Lavai Maria: 109 N 5th Street
Line and Label: 568 Manhattan Avenue
Mahps: 110a Nassau Avenue
Mirth: 606 Manhattan Avenue
Monk: 496 Driggs Ave
Pas Mal: 99 Frankline Street
People of 2morrow: 65 Franklin Street
Shoe Market: 160 N 6th Street
St. Vitus: 1120 Manhattan Avenue
Wolves Within: 174 Franklin Street,

* Or, D III, whatever it’s called now.

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