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Don’t Pay Full Retail This Weekend, Shop These Great Local Sales

Who says you have to pay full price to look good? I don’t think it’s true. If you want some new pieces for spring (or that amazing trip coming up…), then load up on goodies at these Greenpoint shops.
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Stock Up At Beacon’s Closet End Of Summer Sale


Make a little room for a few last minute summer pieces. Beacon’s Closet is having sale from August 15-17 and expect deals to be up to 50% off. On the last day of the sale, the shop will join ReuseNYC in promoting National Thrift Store Day. National Thrift Store Day in New York celebrates the vibrant NYC reuse community and the many benefits of buying second-hand.

Beacon’s Closet: 74 Guernsey Street
11:00 am — 8:00 pm

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11 Summer Staples And Where To Buy Them Locally

summer styles
I am having a love affair with summer. The warm air, beach trips, late nights, and over all adventure are exhilarating. Why not up your summer vibes with some new pieces in your wardrobe? Even more, why not do that while supporting local business?
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Debauchery, Legends of the Witch, Hogshead Funday – What’s Happening, Greenpoint? (3/25–3/31)

There are more events in our weekly calendarSubmit Greenpoint events, too!

industrial-bannerfinal4WEDNESDAY 3/25
* Burned out Buildings, Take Berlin, and Kicking out Money-Changers
@ Parables (334 South 5th St) 7pm, $15, Learn the stories and sounds of your neighborhood, through local storytellers, musicians, and interactive art, RSVP
* Everything’s Coming Up Profits @ Spectacle Theater (124 South 3rd St) 8pm, $5, An evening of corporate ephemera with Steve Young sharing delightfully catchy, weird, and excruciatingly rare gems, More info
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No More Pink Boxes: Where to Sell & Donate Your Clothes

Scam Box on Driggs Avenue

Many “charity”” boxes are a sham. Your closet is overflowing. Perhaps crochet crop tops and your old high school gym tees aren’t part of your wardrobe repertoire any longer. Here’s some places and bins to unload it all.

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Spring Clean Your Closet: Selling Tips from Vintage Buyers

© Bella Harris

After the winter of discontent, Spring is finally starting to flit around Greenpoint. Maybe you’re eyeing a new floral print dress, a vintage leather backpack, or just something that isn’t a puffer coat of epic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man proportions?

Get your Spring on and clean out those closets. With a little cash on hand for your gently loved clothes, you can score new pieces (or vintage finds) anytime. I rounded up some of my favorite buyers and Brooklyn shops to get the best advice on where and how to sell back your clothes, and not to mention, the best and weirdest finds in the shop. Continue reading

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Beacon’s Closet is Opening its Greenpoint Doors this Saturday

Who wants to trek all the way to North 11th when you can just stay in Greenpoint? The owners of Beacon’s Closet seem to agree. The Williamsburg store closed officially this past Sunday, March 2, and the new Greenpoint location, at 74 Guernesey between Norman and Nassau, is set to tentatively open this Saturday, March 8th. Continue reading

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No Vinyl? Fox ViceNews, Superhero Beer, Hipster Honey, The #32 Bus, Voting Blocs – The Hook-Up 9/9

Artwork by Tamara Garvey

Imagine Greenpoint consisting of wooden buildings instead of its famous vinyl siding beauties. An image from yesteryear? How about: The future! (Brownstoner)

As mentioned by Jen on Wednesday, Beacon’s Closet is headed to Greenpoint because Williamsburg is too rich for their second hand blood.

But there’s some potential drama, too, because some people are saying that Vice magazine is pushing them out. In other news, Vice magazine has completely sold out by selling $70MM of it’s enterprise to media villian, Rupert Murdoch.

If you haven’t tried Brooklyn Grange’s amazing honey that you can get every Sunday at the McGolrick Park Farmer’s Market, the NY Times covers Chase Emmons non-stop work life to bring Brooklyn bees’ tasty condiment to our tables.

What do you get when you cross super heroes with local beer? Brooklyn Defender! (Gothamist)

Folks, there’s an all new bus route going through our neighborhood beginning this week. Introducing the B32 Bus!

And finally, don’t forget to vote! And check out this fun graph on who actual votes in NYC primaries.

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Reuse: the scarf dress

During the mania of the Fred Flare sample sale I bought the most adorable little dress without trying it on. When I say little, 9 year old Jen would have barely fit into it… after lipo. Cute pattern, soft material, delusion thinking: Sold! We’re all guilty of irrational buying and then we’re stuck with a closet full of clothing with tags still on them.

I had a few options:

1. Save it for when I lose 80 pounds (aka never)? No.

2. Donate it to Beacon’s Closet (aka it sits in a bag for 6 months)? Maybe?

3. Make it into a scarf dress… YES!

Problem: I can’t sew. As a 1st generation Sicilian-America lady I am ashamed. But Greenpointers are a crafty bunch, so I made an SOS on Facebook and the talented Jill Sessa came to the rescue.

© Greenpointers

I was greeted at the door by the 3.5lb puppy Purl who was more interested in playing fetch than my scarf-dress conundrum.

Jill’s time is valuable. Seeing the amount of gadgets plugged in at her kitchen counter/desk, I knew Jill meant business. Not only is she a marketing expert for Isagenix, she runs her own online marketing consulting business called If that isn’t enough, she is about to launch a new website. Wait for it…

First: scarf dress. We had one hour to chat it up and sew like ladies.

Ever go by Bedame-Sessa Park near the BQE? It’s named after one of Jill’s relatives. Jill, a LI native who lived in Buffalo for a time, recently moved back to Brooklyn downsizing from a 2500sq. ft house to a 465sq. ft studio with killer views of Greenpoint.

© Greenpointers

Her place, decorated in all shades of calming green, is designed so that every square inch counts. Living simply affords Jill time to pick up and travel anywhere she wants, with little Purl of course. Murphy’s bed: check. A Pilates bench serves as her office chair and the mod coffee table rises to seat 8. Plus, when Jill is feeling crafty it’s her sewing table. Jill is a design genius, too.


© Greenpointers

Jill had her own ideas for the scarf that were quite different from my cavewoman notion of shredding it then piecing it back together somehow. She kept the integrity of the dress by leaving design elements: the zipper, the tag and one of the sleeves that would serve as the loop to hook the scarf into. Jill is basically a crafty sewey genius.

And a great teacher who calls you out. “You tried this on, didn’t you?” she asked pointing out the torn back slit. I shrugged my shoulders innocently thinking back to cramming session that was followed by fabric tearing sounds. “You are going to sew it up.” Learning by doing is Jill’s motto. It was my first time on a sewing machine and I was scared, but Jill coached me through it and it felt great.

“Listen to the garment,” Jill said as we made the biggest move which was to cut an entire sleeve off to square away the fabric. We kept trying it on, working it in front of the mirror and modifying until we got it just right.

Next was the fun part, gathering the material by making straight long stitches then pulling the thread at one end to bunch the fabric.

© Greenpointers

Once it was tight enough we tied off the thread. This gave the scarf body and texture. It was finished and looked fantastic!

In one hour Jill helped me transform an ill-fitting dress into a chic scarf that I rocked on my bike ride home.

Already this blog is paying off. Not just because I got a rad scarf, but because I am meeting talented people who are willing to share useful skills which I can pass on to you. The power of social networking shouldn’t keep us online but get us out there meeting real people in real life like good little human robots.

© Greenpointers

Not only was scarf-making inspiring, but more so was how spontaneously the project came together. Facebook outcry, a few emails, then I hopped on my bike and met our new friend Jill. I love Jill’s getter-done attitude. “You want a scarf? Get over here and let’s make a scarf!” No flakesters need apply.

Aside from her stellar marketing career, when Jill isn’t helping desperate bloggers reinvent their wardrobes, she has been working on a new soon to launch E-Series called Not Promised Tomorrow where Jill gives advice on how to live your life to the fullest, in the moment, and not wait for tomorrow because as the amazing Frank Sinatra sang, “Let’s forget about tomorrow for tomorrow never comes” (I’m a cornball; get used to it.)

Sign-up to find out more information about Jill’s exciting E-Series. And try to make your own dress (or whatever) scarf. Use your imagination and send me photos of the finished product to post on the blog: greenpointers (at)

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