Greenpoint couple releases new album “Honeymoon”


Chest High Fires’ new album Honeymoon just dropped today

What do you do with honeymoon love? Sing about it. Greenpoint married couple Jeff Berrall and wife Carrie Ashley Hill of the musical group Chest High Fires just released their new album Honeymoon, based off of their post-wedding blissful (and musical) period in Woodridge, New York’s Outlier Studios. The album boasts a number of other Greenpoint residents (and others) who lent their musicality to the album.

Amongst those who contributed or are featured include “Delicate” Steve Marion, Dan Iead, Andy MacLeod, Matt Sumrow, Matt Clark, Jane Herships, Scott Stapleton, Josh Druckman, Jimmy Carbonetti, and Sam Hopkins. The album’s songs are in the tradition of David Crosby’s If I Could Only Remember My Name and duet albums of Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge.

Honeymoon is Chest High Fires’ debut record, released on Stoned Ruin Records. Listen to the folksy album here!

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Free Live Performance by Laura & Greg at Academy Record Annex (Sat, 7/11)


Let’s be honest. No one really wants to see one single person endowed with multi-faceted talent. Yet, as evidenced in Laura & Greg‘s recently released album “Forever for Sure,” that person exists in the form of Laura O’Neill.

The same woman behind successful neighborhood favorites Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and Selamat Pagi, both of which have delighted our taste buds, can also belt out sweet melodic tunes with the best of them and I’m digging it. I had their first music video for “Muscle Memory” on repeat. Continue reading

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The Gunfighter Meets His Match: Abby Payne’s Wild West Concept Album Release Show May 28 at 9pm

© Manish Gosalia Photopgraphy. Abby Payne crowd surfing during the release show for "Vampire Song" at Pianos.
© Manish Gosalia Photopgraphy. Abby Payne crowd surfing during single release show for “Vampire Song” at Pianos.

“I’m going to town today to buy me a reputation,” the lean and lovely indie-rocker and Greenpoint resident Abby Payne lilts in the opening of the song “The Gunfighter Meets His Match.” She wrote that unapologetic line in 2011 when she was struggling with the idea of retaining a publicist to promote her name.

“The music business had changed so much, and it seemed like a lawless and kind of wild place where nobody knew what was going on. This Wild West story of good versus evil, of complicated pasts and emotions and dreams, was really a way for me to work through what it means to me to be a musician and an artist.” Continue reading

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