It’s another weekend packed full of cool shows. Here are some I’ve got my eyes and ears on.

You know I don’t take recommending something in Manhattan or something that’s not really music-focused lightly, don’t you? No? Well, I don’t. So when I say you ought to consider trekking over to the People’s Improv Theater, aka the PIT (123 E 24th St) to see the sketch group The Shorts Show’s first live show, I mean it. This group was founded by a Greenpointer named Corey S. Rutledge and includes a lot of Greenpoint talent. They make a variety of videos you can see here. Their two most recent “Xbox One Date Night” and “Metrocard Nightmare” made me laugh a lot. Their first live endeavor should be fun. It’s $8 and starts at 8:00. Tickets here, Facebook RSVP here.

If Nirvana’s Rock Hall induction at Barclays and secret aftershow at Saint Vitus got you nostalgic, let me point you towards Nitehawk. They will continue their excellent series “Music Driven” with a screening of 1991: The Year Punk Broke on Friday May 9th at midnight. The documentary is centered upon the Sonic Youth & Nirvana European tour that took place as Nirvana verged on becoming ultra famous. The film also includes Dinosaur Jr., The Ramones, and Mudhoney. Not a bad little lineup, is it? It’s one night only. Get your tickets for $11 here.

Saturday night, you can get your fix of fuzzy pop at Baby’s All Right. High Waisted will open for La Sera. I like La Sera a lot, and it’s an album release, but Katy Goodman doesn’t need the press, so let’s talk High Waisted. Besides their clever name, the band’s music is rough in a charming way. It channels old surf pop and garage rock and should be cool live. You can sample their latest tuneage via the Acid Tape Vol. 1, which was allegedly made in one take while on acid in a haunted house. Oh, Springtime Carnivore is on the bill too. 8:00 PM, $10, tickets here.

Afterwards, you can head over to Broken Land. Our buds Soul Imperial will be spinning there from 10 PM on. Go dance.


You can wind down the weekend with 5J Barrow at Spike Hill Sunday night. This alt-folk sextet will be the perfect comedown after what should be a packed couple of days. They share a bill with similarly minded Tiger Darrow, Ace Elijah, Amy Vachal, and Michael Evans. Sample a recent track “Talking My Soul” here. This starts at 7:00 and it’s f-f-f-free! More info if you need it here.

I was going to suggest a show for Monday night, but it looks like it sold out. Blast! I hate when Time Out does that, but since I do think Megan Bonnell is worth hearing anyways, why not at least check out her video for “Stars” below?

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