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Did you know that reviews by the American Institute for Cancer Research show that as much as 40% of cancer risk may be related to diet?

The contemporary Brooklynite’s diet (I’m looking at you!) which consists of going out and enjoying overly indulgent bacon infused everything (even cocktails) can leave us all feeling sluggish, unwell and not ourselves. Sound familiar? Not to mention it may put us at risk for disease down the line.

For the price it costs to go out to a fancy (heavy) and expensive dinner once, why not take a course (which includes 4 informative & hands-on classes) and learn to cook for your health!

Earth and Wellness Café (397 Graham Ave) is offering a Food for Life Cooking Course, which includes 4 classes on the following Thursdays (3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10)

 from 7–9pm and costs on $135.


Plus they are offering a DEAL! 10% OFF discount to Greenpointers readers! 
Enter “Gpointer2014” when you sign-up.

Discover how certain foods and nutrients work to promote health and fight disease, especially cancer! Curious about a vegan diet but not sure what to eat or how to cook? The Food for Life classes translate nutrition information into simple, tasty meals. Each class features a nutrition lecture, live cooking demo, and samples of at least 3+ new delicious dishes per class!

Class 1: Intro to How Foods Fight Cancer; Thursday,  3/20th, 7-9pm

Class 2: Fueling Up on Low-Fat, High-Fiber Foods; Thursday, 3/27th, 7-9pm

Class 3: Discovering Dairy and Meat Alternatives; Thursday 4/3, 7-9pm

Class 4: Cancer-Fighting Compounds and Healthy Weight Control; Thursday, 4/10th, 7-9pm

Fall in love with antioxidant-rich vegetables and fiber-filled grains, fruits, and legumes in these Food for Life Cancer Project classes. Acquire information about how to get all the vitamins and minerals—and yes, the protein—you need from your diet to feel your best.

Food for Life classes are designed by PCRM and presented by VeggieTown

Contact: Jennie Steinhagen
 at veggietownnyc (AT) gmail.com

Sponsored post courtesy of VeggietownNYC.

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