Cafe Edna Royal Scramble

At Cafe Edna, an #OSOM coffee shop on Nassau Ave in Greenpoint, the baristas rule! If you live on “the other side of McGuinness” not only will you get great coffee and bites here, but in my personal experience the service is always lovely.

In this post we get to know a few of the baristas and some of Cafe Edna’s delicious food options. 

Cafe Edna’s extensive breakfast and lunch options, which they serve all day until 6pm, make it a convenient spot for a quality no fuss meal. Their chef Juan works hard to make each dish perfect and is debuting new pasta and quinoa dishes, so be sure to try those out, too.

My favorite roll out of bed at 3pm brunch at Cafe Edna is the Royal Scramble with Vegan Sausage, Roasted Potatoes and a Side of Avocado. And when I’m on the run I always get a handy Breakfast Burrito, which I conveniently eat while strolling through McGolrick Park.

Cafe Edna Smoked Salmon Bagel

They also have a gorgeous Smoked Salmon Bagel with cream cheese, lox, red onion, cucumber, tomato, capers and a hard boiled egg on any toasted bagel.

Check out Cafe Edna’s entire menu here.

Each month a different barista invents her or his own coffee drink. This month’s Barista Pick is Kervin’s “Chocolate Kiss,” which is any size Toby’s Estate french press coffee with Irish Cream, chocolate syrup and your choice of steamed milk. Sounds like dessert coffee to me – AKA perfect.

I got a chance to chat with two of Cafe Edna’s rockstar baristas, Miriam and Carena about what coffee and serving Greenpoint means to them.

Cafe Edna Barista Miriam

Meet Miriam:

Being from Seattle, a love of coffee comes naturally to me. I usually go for an americano, maybe a cortado if I want a treat. Being able to make awesome Toby’s Estate espresso while meeting interesting New Yorkers makes my job worthwhile. I love getting to know my neighbors and being a part of their cafe experience. I enjoy the ever-changing atmosphere of restaurant and bar jobs, and Cafe Edna (formerly Cafe Royal) has remained a neighborhood favorite of mine. (Thanks to my talented and hilarious co-workers!) Greenpoint is tucked away while still having so much to offer in terms of shops, restaurants, and parks. I’ve really enjoyed living in this neighborhood. Outside of work, I have a new puppy that takes up as much of my time as he can! 

Cafe Edna Barista Carena

 And, Carena comes to us all the way from Harlem:

I love learning about espresso and drink building, but the best parts of being a barista are learning customers’ names, remembering their orders and having drinks ready before someone asks. Kind of cheesy, but that’s definitely my favorite part of the job. I like making drinks with lots of syrups. When I’m making something for myself, though, I prefer an americano or cortado. Among many other reasons, the three guys who work in the kitchen are what make working at Edna’s great. They’re trying, without very much success, to teach me Spanish. The head cook, Juan, is tirelessly sweet and accommodating. Everyone who works here is fun to talk to since they all seem to have a specialty outside of the cafe. Kervin’s a graphic designer, Angela is a folk singer, etc.

I’m finishing up an MFA program in Nonfiction Writing. I’m also a huge music nerd. I play Valerie June’s Pandora channel at Edna’s all the time. I write for an awesome music website called AudioFemme, based in Greenpoint. We review bands and curate shows. 

Cafe Edna
195 Nassau Ave
Hours: Daily 7am-6pm

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Sponsored post courtesy of Cafe Edna.

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