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Our new mayor vowed to find the killer of local landlord, Menachem Stark.  Police are following a lead from a cell phone that they found strapped to the bottom of his car, possibly a tracking device.

Transportation Alternatives is advocating for increased awareness from drivers to cut down on accidents on dangerous intersections, like McGuinness and Nassau by lowering speed limits to 20 mph (which statistically lessens the likelihood of pedestrian fatalities).  Here’s to hoping.

Accidental Seabirds released an album titled The Greenpoint Spill, named in honor of, you guessed it, that lovely lil’ environmental catastrophe that gives our land that extra dose of industrial charm (i.e oil PLUMES) that we all know and love. Since writing the album, the band has relocated to NJ, but the sentiment still remains: “it’s kind of a metaphoric exorcism as well as an opportunity to raise some consciousness and give reverence to the community where we lived for many years” they told The Aquarian.

Foodies rejoice! Littleneck is coming to Greenpoint as early as February. There will be coffee, sandwiches a raw bar, and of course, signature lobster rolls.

Spoiler Alert: GIRLS returned to HBO last night for Season 3. And it seems that they’ve magically started working at a different Cafe Grumpy…not the one in Greenpoint.  Three of the show’s characters are now barrista-ing. The rest are just hanging out at rehab, or whatever.


There’s still time to see the current exhibition at City Reliquary, assembled by doughnut historian , Jule Thomson. Best job title ever.

Speaking of doughnuts, this might be the most bittersweet romantic essay ever written about these hole-y pastries (and of course, it centers around our beloved Peter Pan’s). (The Paris Review).

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