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Know Your Neighbors: Hosh Yoga Studio’s New Teacher Training Scholarships

Greenpointers Summer Market 2015 Rooftop Yoga with Hosh Yoga
Greenpointers Summer Market 2015 Rooftop Yoga with Hosh Yoga

While sifting through clothes at beacon’s closet or grabbing a beer and a brat at Spritzenhaus, you may have seen a procession of yoga-pantsed Greenpointers heading in and out of the unassuming grey door on the corner of Nassau and Guernsey.

A closer look at 55 Nassau will lead you to Hosh Yoga, a Greenpoint nonprofit made possible by a team of 60 volunteers and instructors, which provides donation-based classes with a mission of health and wellness as a right to life, not a luxury. Continue reading

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Urban Cowboys, Domino Sugar, & a Sugary Sphynx Vulva– The Hook Up (5/16)

The Jetsons Hotel Mock-up for 55 Wythe Ave....the future is scary, guys.

Apparently people are jumping on the Wythe Hotel success bandwagon by building more hotels in the area, like this Jetsons-inspired hotel (I’m afraid) and (no joke) an Urban Cowboy bed and breakfast in Williamsburg…

Hyperallergic called Greenpoint Gallery Night a laid back antidote to Frieze. And the art world went crazy, in praise of Kara Walker’s Sugary Sphynx installation at the Domino Sugar Factory, which had lines down the block during its debut weekend. This might also be your only chance to read the word “vulva” in the New Yorker, so there’s that…

Speaking of Domino, the City Council just approved the 55 story  condos that will take its place on waterfront. Construction is expected to take begin in 6-8 years, so don’t hold your breath. Also if you haven’t heard, the buildings are shaped like demented legosContinue reading

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Traffic Heroes, the Return of GIRLS, & Doughnut Romance– The Hook Up (1/13)

© Sebastian Dooris / Paris Review

Our new mayor vowed to find the killer of local landlord, Menachem Stark.  Police are following a lead from a cell phone that they found strapped to the bottom of his car, possibly a tracking device.

Transportation Alternatives is advocating for increased awareness from drivers to cut down on accidents on dangerous intersections, like McGuinness and Nassau by lowering speed limits to 20 mph (which statistically lessens the likelihood of pedestrian fatalities).  Here’s to hoping. Continue reading

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Berry Hill, Edible Plants, Silent Drape Runners Mix, Alligators, Bike Patrol, Art Show at Pumps – The Hook-Up (6/29)

Map Lauren Carol Smith on Bedford & Bowery

• In what Bedford & Bowery call “Berry Hill” North Brooklynites clad in polos and khakis are giving the area a Manhattan feel.

• Locavores, foragers and jammers take heed, there is a map of all urban plants that are edible! (Via Animal)

• Nationally, it’s getting better to get gay married, now we need to get the rest of the 37 homophone states on board. (NY Times)

Alligator parts found in Williamsburg (FreeWilliamsburg)

• Bushwick Daily reports on an art show at Pumps – our local titty bar.

• Watch out Citibike users… more tickets for cyclists in Brooklyn (Gothamist)

• As they bid farewell, Silent Drape Runners releases a digital mix tape (Brooklyn Based)

Brooklyn Bike Patrol will be back and needs volunteers! (Brokelyn)

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Brooklyn #2 Expensive City, Paulie Gee Video, Lentol for Restler, Hipster Rant: The Hook-Up 9/9

Beautiful Brooklyn Russell St Greenpoint
Beautiful Brooklyn: Russell St, Greenpoint

• Brownstoner: Brooklyn Second Most Expensive Place to Live

• the chew | Video | Paulie Gee’s Pizza!

• City and State NY: Post Vito, Joe Lentol Endorses Reform Candidate Lincoln Restler

• Brooklyn Imbecile: In Support Of The Hipster

• Bushwick Daily: 15 Taco Tour of Bushwick

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The Hook-Up (7/7) – Pool Fight Week!

The big news this past week was pool fights. It’s getting old…

• NYTimes: Problems at McCarren Pool Has a Neighborhood Worried

• Gawker: Everything That Happens at Williamsburg Pool Freighted With Heavy Sociocultural Significance

• KRRB: Brooklyn Batched — Local Foodies/Guilty Pleasures  (video)

• Spinlister | Find a bike to rent

• Stone Barns Center: Jammig Tips from Rachel Saunders

• WNYC News Blog – Mayor to Vet Hot Dog Weigh In

• Gothamist: Another Day, Another McCarren Park Pool Melee

• Greenpoint Gazette: Talking Art at Newtown Creek

• FREEwilliamsburg: Roberta’s Serves Up A Marijuana Margherita Pizza On Pot Tasting Menu

• Animal New York: I Should Have Shot That: Clayton Patterson’s Bloodless Bullet Hole

• Ovenly: New hours! Visit us more often!

• Craiglist: TURN-KEY BAR in high traffic GREENPOINT right by subway PRIV BACKYARD

• Gothamist: 5 Best Places To Get Frozen Desserts Near Pools This Summer

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