Greenpointers, along with Pancakes & Whiskey and Buzzchips, is putting on a show at Cameo Gallery Saturday 1/18. There are four great bands on the bill: Adios Ghost, Youngman Grand, Folding Legs, and Canon Logic. All week long we’ll feature each one to get you even more excited to come party with us this weekend. Adios Ghost kicks it off.

Before I share the interview with the band, here’s what you need to know about the show. Cameo is at 93 North 6th Street in Williamsburg. The doors are at 7:00 PM and music begins at 7:30 PM. It costs $10. You can RSVP here and buy tickets here. Hope to see you there.

Adios Ghost is a four piece with members (from left to right in the photo above) Jimmy Stull on guitar-mandolin-tenor banjo-backing vocals, Ben Sigerson on lead vocals-guitar-mandolin, Simon Davenport on bass-backing vocals, and A. Loew on drums-backing vocals. According to the band, their roots go back to DC and college in Madison, WI. They all ended up in Brooklyn at different times for various reasons, but they’ve played together for about three years now. Their first EP came out last year.

If you just read the what each member plays, you might jump to the conclusion that Adios Ghost is a folk/roots-type band. But listening to a song like “Splitting Glass,” it’s clear there is a lot more involved than that. The band incorporates elements of styles like psych, world, and electronic into something strange and intoxicating. It should make for an exciting set. Here are a few things I asked Adios Ghost:


GP: What was one of your favorite musical discoveries of 2013? Doesn’t necessarily have to be a 2013 band or release, just something new to you in the past year.

Ben: We recently started digging deeper into Arthur Russell’s catalog. From there, we started looking for other artists who were pioneering usage of electronic percussion.  That rabbit hole somehow led to a lot of the Trax Records catalog from the 80s in Chicago.  I love listening to that stuff when I’m at work.  It helps me get in a state of mind where I’m ready to write music at home at the end of the day.

GP: In “Splitting Glass,” there is frequent mention of escape. What’s your favorite music for escapism, to get lost in?

Simon: Bach sonatas + partitas

Jimmy: The film scores of Bernard Herrmann. Probably because there’s something cozy about ‘60s film noir movies that I’d love to escape into.

GP: I wanted to know what might be happening soon for Adios Ghost? Any shows or  releases to promote?

Jimmy: We’re releasing a new single called “Counting Paces” in the next month or so and a music video for a single off of our EP, “Fernseher”.  We’ll also be playing at Baby’s All Right on Feb. 10th.

GP: Finally, our site is all about Greenpoint, so I have to ask, what are some of your favorite things about Greenpoint?

Simon: I live near McGorlick Park, and can honestly say it’s one of my favorite things about the neighborhood. I also love how remote it can feel when you head even further north and east towards the industrial zones. Those make great running spots. Shout out to Little Dokebi (on my corner)!

Ben: I lived in Greenpoint about four years ago before moving to Bed Stuy. I love Karczma’s white borscht in a bread bowl, brunch at Glasserie and drinks just about anywhere on Franklin St.

Jimmy: There’s a warehouse building with a bunch of art studios at 67 West Street. We’ve been to some great openings there. Also gotta love Pop’s Popular Clothing.

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