NYC FAIL: LIC’s 5Pointz Destroyed – All For Luxury High Rises

In a tragic turn of events for the street art community worldwide and the general soul of NYC, 5Pointz’s exterior walls and the works of over 1500 international artists was completely white washed under the cover of darkness last night with protection from the police – all for the development of high rise luxury towers in Long Island City, despite rallying against demolition and an effort to get landmark status for the building.

In a comment to Hyperallergic, 5Pointz curator Jonathan “Meres One” Cohen called the landlord Jerry Walkoff, “the biggest art murder of our time.” Enough said.

There will be a candlelit vigil at 5Pointz tonight according to the Save 5 Pointz Facebook page.

RIP 5Pointz

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  1. FrankTheTank says:

    While I loved 5pointz, how can anyone be mad at the landlord who allowed artists to paint there all these years for selling his property? It does belong to him, does it not? I know this may not be a popular sentiment, but doesn’t he have the right to choose what to do with his private property? Could artists not have banded together and tried to buy it themselves? I think those complaining are not appreciating the fact that he didn’t OWE you anything, and should not be hated for deciding to sell. Still, it will be missed. RIP 5Pointz

  2. Heather says:

    Whatever lives there, I have a feeling it’s going to be a target for fresh paint.

  3. Craig says:

    I think the bigger issue is WHY are we allowing rich idiots to destroy New York.


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