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The air is crisp and chill, puffer-coated pooches are roaming the streets of Greenpoint and it’s dark by 5pm. It’s exactly the time of year to hole-up in a cozy drinking den and spend the evening getting intimate with an extensive menu of local craft beers and delicious bar snacks.

Which means that last week’s opening of The Brew Inn (924 Manhattan Ave) is spectacularly well-timed.

Entering the bar is like stepping into a snug log cabin, flickering with candle-light. The glowing interior has been fitted-out almost entirely using salvaged local materials, including the bar itself which is made from a hundred year-old door.

The Brew Inn is all about keeping it local. Parents of the owner, Martin Cyran, used to run a Polish restaurant (Happy End) on the same site, and even now that Martin has taken the helm in this new enterprise, his father still had a hand in installing the new decor.

The local vibe shines through in their array of drinks. They have thirty craft beers on tap, all from NYC and the surrounding area. You can drink these by the pint, or order a flight of 6 for $6. Brew Inn growlers are also available to purchase which can then be stored in a locker at the bar (or kept at home) in order to receive a discount on beer each time you visit. They also have cider and wine on tap for non-beer drinkers.


The food menu, designed by chef CJ Bivona, showcases both Polish and American dishes, giving a nod to neighborhood culinary traditions whilst providing a contemporary twist. Menu items such as grilled sardines, deviled eggs and po’boys sit happily alongside pierogis and kielbasy and all provide much comfort on a cold winter’s night. Not to mention helping to soak up the effects of all that craft beer.

There will be daily food specials to keep things interesting, and there are also plans for regular movie nights.

The Brew Inn is a delightful addition to the neighborhood and is the perfect place to snuggle up and hibernate until spring.

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  1. friendly advice to the brew inn from a local beer lover. a local beer list does not necessarily equate a well curated beer list. would be nice to have more beers that i can’t already get at every other bar. best of luck.

    1. Agreed. Too many bars are jumping on the craft beer bandwagon without seeming to understand that craft beer drinkers want variety, and aren’t going to be drawn to a place that doesn’t offer a few beers that are unique or unusual. “Local” is not always unique, especially if you’re simply choosing the cheapest kegs from every brewery in New York State.

      My hope is that they’ll learn as they go and improve the list.

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