goodyoga owners Flannery & Ray are so zen that while you were doing your goodflow you probably didn’t notice there was an annoying landlord dispute happening at the Calyer St space. They are putting all that bad energy behind them and have moved into a brand spanking new space at 114 Greenpoint Ave and are hosting classes at The Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Ave) in Williamsburg! And there is talks of a sauna!!!

We chatted with Flannery about the move.

GP: What made you decide to move from Calyer St to Greenpoint Ave?

Flannery: After 4 years of rigmarole with our landlord and the loft board, we decided it wasn’t worth the next 2-5 years of our life to stay in our original space. It was such a distraction. So, we’re leaving the old space in April 2014, letting go of the bed and breakfast to focus on the yoga. Figured spaces weren’t getting any cheaper, so had to jump on 114 Greenpoint space now.

GP: What will happen with the old space?


Flannery: We’ll continue to rent rooms through April. What the landlord will do with it is anyone’s guess. It’s a big white elephant. Appraisers told us to to touch it since the zoning is so cloudy. Probably it’ll turn into condos. The building was one of the first to be converted to an art space in the area back in 1983 by deceased Fluxus Artist Peter van Riper, whose work, generously donated by his partner, Dina Helal, has hung at 73 Calyer since our 3rd anniversary in 2012, which was one day before what would have been his 70th birthday.

His first building in the area is now Kinfolk Studios next to The Wythe Hotel, which is now “goodburg” every Sunday from 9.30-10.30a. I’ve been meaning to get in touch with them. Don’t know if they’re aware of the history of that space. Van Riper’s ex wife, Simone Forti, who danced with Merce Cunningham, lived there with him.

Van Riper’s work in the met’s permanent collection. One of the greatest benefits of our former space was that it introduced us to him and his partner Dina, an educator at The Whitney, who has become a sort of fairy godmother to goodyoga. Dina’s work hangs in our Bushwick space and, soon, in the new space, as well, with some of Peter’s work.

We’ll have a goodbye weekend April 25-27, 2014…goodfest? Art music food community… Then we move out April 30th. We’re partnering with a friend on converting his barn and farmhouse in Germantown, between Hudson and Rhinebeck, into a retreat. All the guesthouse stuff will head up there. First retreat will be Memorial Day weekend, with 2 others on 4th of July and Labor Day.

GP: What is special about the new space?

Flannery: We have a backyard and tons of natural light. The room is airy and quiet with warm bamboo floors, all the furniture from the old lounge is there. Feels like home…only warmer in the winter and with a fair, legal, long term lease. And the live poultry slaughter is no longer in operation! That’s everyone’s first question! It had always prevented us from moving over there before.

GP: What can we look forward to?

A sauna – I hope. And more class times and greater variety in class levels and styles. Our student body is likely to grow exponentially at the new location because of the foot traffic. This allows us to promote more diverse offerings. We will have an assistant for classes that go over 15 people regularly. That way everyone is still getting tons of personal attention and adjustments. We have to maintain the quality of instruction we’ve established over the past 4.5 years.

Also, we’re moving a couple of Pilates machines into the old space, so folks can work privately with Patricia on core integration and therapeutics. Great for back injuries and post natal!

We will offer more natal options, as well.

GP: Let’s talk about the The Wythe Hotel!

Flannery: Every Sunday, 9.30-10.30a. It’s the only class I’m teaching at the moment, aside from our teacher trainings. Memberships are good at all studios, including goodburg @ The Wythe Hotel. Hopefully we’ll be moving the 7.30, a goodmorning classes over there when the weather takes the roof from us.

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