Carolina Ro, of Ro Chalk & Calligraphy, designed the menu for Cafe Edna.

What’s in a name? Cafe Royal (195 Nassau Ave) was shutdown and in its’ place the owners of the building, who for reasons unknown want to remain anonymous, reopen the doors tomorrow June 21st, with a new name: Cafe Edna.

What do you think about the name change?

I chatted with manager Samantha Sharifi, one of Greenpoint’s loveliest baristas to find out what this change means for “the other side” of Greenpoint.

While you may have dug the old name and the golden rooster logo, there might have been other complaints that have been remedied by the new owners, like spotty wifi and the uncomfortable school room chairs. They overhauled the furnitures, hooked up Fios, so the internet is “10,000 times faster,” according to Samantha, plus you can print out your short stories or resumes on their wireless $0.10/copy printer and add your favorite songs to their ipod.

The same great staff with a few new hires are all on board including the beloved head chef Juan Paredes, who will still make you a delicious breakfast scramble or my favorite: the egg burrito. Plus there is an additional chicken burrito on the lunch menu and many old and new vegan and gluten free options.


Even more exciting, soon they will be rolling out a full dinner menu along with beer and wine with old favorites like the quinoa plate, vegan lasagna, the gluten-free pasta and more to come. Will you dine at Cafe Edna?

Let’s talk coffee. Samantha said they are now serving Toby’s Estate on a brand spanking new expresso machine and she will personally pull you the “perfect shot.” It better be short, girl!

Samantha is also putting together a Greenpoint artist group show, so keep your ears peeled for that.

Where have you been getting you daily caffeine dose since Royal closed and what do you think about the new name?

Cafe Edna will open tomorrow at 11am-4pm for a soft opening, then be open from 7am-6pm until they open for dinner.

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  1. Didn’t know they close either! The chef I awesome, always a smile & hello! The baristas need to all be replaced! Or get jobs at cafe grumpy. They are all miserable & so unfriendly. Maybe one or two are nice, but the main regular girl has got to go! Especially when they made iced late with spoiled milk! And when questioned, they asked me & my friends to taste a new carton of milk because they don’t drink milk themselves! I didn’t mind the giant rooster, but I guess Edna is good too. Their sandwiches are awesome & the sunflower bread is delicious. Plus, I’m happy to hear they have new furniture!! But if you see the baristas on the street & say hello – don’t expect a response!

    1. Hi Liz,
      We want to apologize for any past experiences at Cafe Royal and assure that changes have been made for the new Cafe Edna. We hope to see you again soon so you can see for yourself. And for your first visit, your coffee is on me. 🙂

    1. Hi Shannon,
      Apologies for your past interactions with Cafe Royal’s staff. Please know that serious changes have been made, and we would appreciate a second chance! If your (Toby’s Estate) coffee isn’t delicious and served with a smile, please personally write me, and I will see that your situation is remedied. Also, your first coffee is on the house. Hope to see you soon!

  2. I’m glad others mentioned Cafe Royal’s terrible customer service. Only the breakfast burritos were worth the baristas’ eye rolls.

    Wonder why Cody Utzman is abandoning his empire. First the change of management to Papacito’s — I asked someone to explain the new menu’s “white sauce” to me, and he couldn’t — and now this. In any case, it sounds like Samantha’s on the right track.

      1. Hi! Since it seems like there’s an open dialogue here I thought I’d chime in to say that Cafe Royal brewed the worst coffee in the neighborhood. It’s SO convenient for me because I live a couple blocks away but I always avoided going there because the coffee was bitter. I’d love to give Cafe Edna a try if the coffee will be better. I know they use good coffee, so I think the problem must be in the making of it.

        1. Thanks Jen D. I think the cafe is taking all the feedback very seriously and there is always an open dialogue here as long as everyone plays nice – which you did! 🙂

  3. Weird, I had great customer servicer every time I went. One barista even called me “hun.” It was like a Jersey diner moment. Can’t wait for the cafe to reopen already!!!

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