You’ve been asking and now we’re telling! A new Korean menu, inspired by owner Jessica Wertz’s mother’s homestyle cooking is debuting today at No Name Bar (597 Manhattan Ave).  No we are not messing with you. Plus, there is additional seating downstairs which includes a nice big booth.

Jessica tried to convince her mother to come from Korea and cook in the restaurant’s basement kitchen with no success. Instead she found another Korean chef who passed the test.

“Now I can eat food I love, the food I grew up eating, food that is good for me – everyday!” she said with a big smile on her face when we attended a preview tasting this past weekend.

I wanted to add – “food that I can overeat!” because that is why I love home cooked food. And we did, and felt great afterwards – like I’d just had Sunday dinner at Nonna’s, happy and full of good food.

The traditional Korean starter – Quail Eggs with sea salt was served first, followed by a spot on Green Onion Skillet Cake, in a dairy-free batter. I usually hesitate to order these because sometimes the batter isn’t cooked through, but this was cooked to perfection and the dipping sauce was superb.


The Vegetable Medley was those little delicious dishes you always get at Korean restaurants and I finally learned what the greens are – Korean Spinach. It inspired me to experiment with Brocolli Rabe in a similar way at home – seasoned with sesame oil.

For his entree Jon ordered the Bibimbap. It was not the Bibimbap I am used to because it wasn’t served in the hot stone bowl – more like a salad of fresh veggies, rice and an egg. Really good.

I was so happy to try the Korean Bento Box with Filet of Salmon, which is the only way I like salmon – fresh, not over-cooked on the inside, but the skin caramelized and sweet. I crave this flavor and No Name delivered.

All this, while listening to Iron Maiden.

We are so happy No Name Bar is finally serving food again. It’s one of Jon and my favorite after work dinner spots because it’s laid back and not a fuss. We cannot wait to try the dumplings and the rest of the menu!


Dumplings – “Mandoo”
Handmade vegetable or pork dumplings served steamed or lightly pan fried

Vegetable Medley – “Banchan”
Seasonal vegetable side dishes served four per order

Green Onion Skillet Cake – “PaJeon”
Savory fresh green onion skillet cake made with a dairy free batter and served with spicy soy and chive dipping sauce


Mixed Rice Bowl – “Bibimbap”
Fresh selections of marinated vegetables served in a bowl with rice and topped with an over medium egg. Add sauteed beef +$2

Dinner Box – “Doshirak”
Korean style bento box with a choice of pan fried tofu, filet of salmon, or sauteed beef. Served with rice, side soup, and medley of seasonal vegetables.

Beef Brisket Soup – “Yukkejang”
Slow cooked beef brisket and spicy sesame soup with green onions and sweet potato glass noodles

Knife Cut Noodle Soup – “Kal Guk Su”
Lightly prepared vegetable broth with knife cut wheat flour noodles and slices of zucchini. Add beef flank and egg or seafood +$2


Rice – “Bap”
Bowl of steamy white rice, short grain and slightly sticky, yum!

Spicy Fermented Cabbage – “Kimchee”
Napa cabbage layered with spicy red pepper and fermented to sour perfection

Broth – “Guk”
Small cup of vegetable broth topped with scallions

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