You know we have no problem picking favorites at Greenpointers, and Gunfight! is our favorite Brooklyn and Greenpoint band. Come see Gunfight! play at the upcoming Brain Cave Festival and I guarantee you will have no choice but to get your butt up and dance like a crazy person. That is what live music is all about – having a great time!

I remember the first time I saw them play in a backyard at Paper Garden Records‘ Multiverse Playground and I instantly downloaded their album halfway into their first song and have been stalking them ever since.

These Brooklyn boys are putting out a new album and they kickstarted it. They already reached their goal but that is no reason to not donate more because as they put it, “even with the money raised so far, we still anticipate dropping a fair amount of our hard-earned cash on this, and so any additional moolah will go a long way to keeping us from going broke and eating squeezy-cheese on dollar-store crackers and sleeping on someone’s couch.”

Support Brooklyn music and one of Greenpointers’ favorite bands! Click here to donate.

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