More bummer pizza news: first Carmine’s – now Franklin Pizza is also shut down by the health department!

What did you think of Franklin Pizza? I thought they made a solid regular slice.

Why is the health department shutting down all our favorite pizza joints? I don’t want to eat roach pizza, hell no, but they are falling like dominos.

Keep on the lookout for more pizza shut downs in the hood.

What if your favorite pizza spot in Greenpoint closed? Would you stand by and hope they reopened and go back like nothing happened? Or would your germaphobe tendencies make you think twice?


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  1. I won’t be crying over Franklin Pizza closing. That was one of the worst pizza’s I ever ate and I pretty much eat anything not nailed down. Even my 6 year old wouldn’t eat it.

      1. They had been struggling for awhile. They cited changing demographics in the area. Cookie Road took over the lease a few months before they closed after the rent went up. I was there on the last night they were open, it was sad.

  2. I really disliked Franklin Pizza. They were completely inconsistent. I had one very good pie, and 5 crappy ones. I can not for the life of me find a delivery place that has a consistently good regular pie. Triangolo has a good grandma pie, but I’m not a fan of their regular pie. I’ll say the same for Cassanova. This is Brooklyn, it should not be this hard to find good pizza!! Does anyone have a recommendation for a place that will deliver a great round pie?

  3. Russ Pizza on manhattan was my fav growing up and I still went there even though they had a C rating in the window (up to a B now). Closing by DOH is pretty serious though… Id prob never go back. VINNIES pizza on nassau and bedford is the bomb diggity. Expensive but the Chicken Bacon Ranch slice is oh so worth it!

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