Thank you everyone who participated in the Greenpointers’ poetry contest!

Our winner is Athena Pappas with her poem “The Shayz Lounge.” Athena will be a featured reader at Poetry Teachers NYC’s open mic on February 27th, 2013 at Milk and Roses (1110 Manhattan Ave). Signup for the Open Mic at 7:30, show starts at 8pm.

The Shayz Lounge by Athena Papas

I want one stained
pencil scribbling
barely legible against
grainy brown paper
love letter jotted down
on the back of recycled napkin,

one thinking-of-you
pack of cowboy killer cigarettes,
discounted bottle of Chianti,
a blood moon stain on the end table.


One moment of the jukebox
making me feel
the pulse of fingertips
until the record ends.

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  1. Poem: A Gift of Love
    By: Alon Calinao Dy

    I give you all my life
    And a gift of love
    Filled with happiness and peace.

    I give to you the heaven as promised by God
    And all the money in the world
    These I’m not mine to give
    But it is a gift of love.

    My love can’t be bought or borrowed.
    It’s a very special love
    You can enjoy
    In Valentine’s Day.

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