You have to love how incredible search engines are. A while back I heard about a taco joint in Williamsburg that makes breakfast tacos with potato chips sprinkled on top, a major hook, but I couldn’t remember the name so I typed into the google: “breakfast taco potato chips” and there was the article, New York Magazine’s The Most Important Taco of the Day, featuring Whirlybird breakfast taco:

“…corn tortillas, griddled in corn oil until they’re crisp and wavy. Inside, fluffy egg scrambled with Oaxaca cheese mingles with a hot stewed salsa of multicolored peppers and tomatoes. To finish, a brisk sprinkle of cilantro and a crumbling of jalapeño potato chips.”

In a few clicks I’d found the Whirlybird’s website and the irresistible tagline that uncurled me out of my laptop slouch and ushered me down Driggs to the South Side for “top notch espresso and breakfast tacos.”

Let me repeat: ESPRESSO & TACOS!

Right off Havemeyer on So. 2nd is the tucked away taco joint with a sweet spot to sit out front. Inside, the walls were adorned with record album artwork. According to the website, “Every eight weeks, Whirlybird features on its walls the complete recorded output of a selected record label of note. Displayed in a chronological timeline, the album covers are given the chance to be viewed as the pieces of art that they are, and each are available at the counter for the customers listening enjoyment.”


The present show was Gregory Stovetop’s album.

I tried the Classic Breakfast Taco (as described above) with chorizo. It was all I could ask of a breakfast taco. It had all the delicious textures of crunchy from the tortilla and chips and soft from the scrambled eggs and juicy from the salsa, plus freshness from the generous cilantro portion. And it was packing some nice heat that was offset by the mild eggs. The potato chips really did make a big difference in the overall taco eating experience, something you should try at home. Potato Chips works magically on sandwiches, so I’m not surprised at how well it translated to tacos.

The espresso was definitely top notched as promised. Strong, good crema, short and not bitter.

I will definitely take this walk again. There was one problem was the pizza dilemma. The one taco was so good, I wanted another, but knew that two would be too much. I stuck with one and the walk back was light and espresso fueled.

What is your favorite breakfast taco in Greenpoint or Williamsburg?

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