Want Brisket? BrisketTown is opening at 359 Bedford Ave on October 31st, 2012 and the Greenpoint design brothers Evan and Oliver Haslegrave (Paulie Gee, Manhattan Inn, Donna) are designing the space to be modeled after a Texas Meat Market. So basically it will look as awesome as the brisket tastes.

I ran into Daniel Delaney, BrisketMan while he was on his way to start demolishing the soon to be restaurant. He showed me the layout and as usual we talked a lot of shit. Dude knows exactly what he wants. The design on his phone looks amazing. There may even be beer to go, but this is just between us.

To get your brisket you have to pre-order. But wait – there will be more than Brisket: “We’re going to slowly develop other proteins with the same iterative mentality we had when approaching our labs.”

It’s so great to see Daniel, who I first met at a crazy pie bake-off a few years back at The Diamond Bar, realizing his carnivorous dream via a genius marketing plan that totally fucked with New Yorkers taste buds, which crave food that is not even in existence yet!


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  1. Read this article on Eater, and this sentence scares me: “Because of the space at the counter, the BrisketTown kitchen will actually be located offsite.”

    If B-town is based on B-lab (brisket cooked offsite and kept warm in cambros), then there’s a good chance it’ll overcook. However, if B-town realizes Delaney’s dream of being “the first BBQ place in NY that is doing completely outdoor smokers” then more power to him. He must, however, bring back the coleslaw served at the Flatbush cemetery. I was really sad to see mac and cheese in its place last Saturday at the Woods.

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