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Bigos: A Traditional Polish Dish Perfect For Colder Weather

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-9-03-31-am One of the most delicious dishes in Polish cuisine is Bigos, or as it is sometimes called in English, Hunter’s Stew. For many Polish Greenpointers it’s a staple, but many locals still do not know about this fantastic cold weather dish. Extremely hearty and filling, it’s a stew that is perfect for a cold day. No one is entirely sure how the word bigos entered the Polish language, but some say that it comes from German begossen, meaning “doused” or “basted.” Another explanation is that it comes from Italian bigutta, or “pot for cooking soup.” But wherever it comes from, bigos is a delicious stew that is worth the wait in cooking it.
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Soup Bowl Fundraiser Recap! Donate to Soup Kitchen Today!

Photo by @oabelis

Thanks to everyone who made the Soup Bowl Fundraiser this past Sunday happen! EAT, Brooklyn Brewery, The Splendid Spoon, contributors Isabel @aobelis & Peter @grizzzly and the following potters: Little Bear Pots, Akiko Tsuji, Rabbit & Dragon, Selene Likes Mugs, Clayspace, Freundeskreis, Cor Pottery, Stephanie Tran, Calyer CeramicsBailey Doesn’t Bark, Fisheye Brooklyn, & Object Totem.

We raised $526 for The Greenpoint Soup Kitchen & Food Pantry, a local organization that feeds hundreds of hungry Greenpointers. Today they are busy making over 30 turkeys for homeless and hungry neighbors.

If you couldn’t make it out to the fundraiser on Sunday, why not make a donation in any amount to this important organization at this very special time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Greenpoint!

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Claire Typaldos’ PRINTS Show Opening Tonight at EAT (12/5)

"Cloud Braid" by Claire Typaldos

Did you know that our amazing Terrarium Workshop teacher Claire Typaldos is also an accomplished printmaker?

Work from her recent residency at Anderson Ranch in Colorado is on display at EAT (124 Meserole Ave). The opening reception for PRINTS is this evening, Thursday December 5th, 2013 from 7-9pm.

We talked with Claire about her printmaking process and this particular body of work.

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5 Best Vegan Meals in Greenpoint

* This post made possible by a donation to our Writer’s Fund from Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital.

Don’t be fooled by the scary vegan word, because food is food and we all love eating. Especially at a restaurant when someone else is doing the cooking. Being a health-conscious vegan eater with a boyfriend who will eat anything, going out and grubbing out is something we DO. I’ve gathered together the best vegan meals in Greenpoint; even though there are definitely more than just five.

1. Paulie Gee’s (60 Greenpoint Ave)
With a separate vegan menu, and one cozy dining space, you are sure to enjoy one of the most delicious pizza joints in all of New York City. Five white pies and a red pie with tons of toppings start at $10 and go up to $18. They even have homemade vegan sausage! I have to say the “Vegan Greenpointer” with the lemon juice is my personal favorite. Lemon on everything!

2. Spritzenhaus (33.33 Nassau Ave)
You can’t miss this giant beer garden featuring tons of beers on tap and a list of German bratwursts. The most unsuspecting thing on the menu is a vegan brat! A specialty locally sourced vegan brat with apple wood sage and a balsamic reduction on a pretzel bun topped with a heavy helping of peppers and onions, this brat will blow your mind, for only $11. In fact, my meat guru boyfriend prefers this vegan brat to some of the more game-y ones. Don’t forget to get a side of the Belgian fries and try the surplus of mustards they offer.

3. Greenpoint Heights (278 Nassau Ave)
The most talked about new hangout in “this side” of Greenpoint, you all know how awesome Greenpoint Heights is. The chill, unpretentious vibes, matched with the incredible food and drinks, this spot is my jam. Elizabeth is one amazing chef, concocting some serious tacos. The vegan options include a sweet plantain taco and a black bean taco. Mango salsa, guacamole, and fried shallots are a few of the yummy toppings. Other favorites include the banging chips & guac as well as the kale salad (without the cheese of course.) Tacos are $4 each but $3 on Thursdays!

4. Café Royal (195 Nassau Ave)
A coffee shop by day, and a gourmet kitchen by night! One vegan special this café features for dinner is the quinoa plate. Quinoa with sautéed tofu, kale, corn, and roasted tomatoes and pine nuts, topped with some pesto. This healthy dish is a hearty helping that includes a side salad and toast for only 11 bucks. It is one of those dishes that is so good (and easy) that when you try to do it yourself, you can’t even come close. Chef Juan is the master of this bad boy.

Cafe Royal, Greenpoint Brooklyn

5. No Name Bar (597 Manhattan Ave)
No name, no website, no press. But, I couldn’t refuse. This hidden spot in the middle of everything is also featuring a secret Thai kitchen with a badass woman chef. The sprawling backyard is where the kitchen is tucked away and it features a couple vegan options. One is the homemade veggie dumpling noodle soup with bok choi for $9. Spruce that baby up with some chili paste, and this big serving of hot soup with scrumptious dumplings is the perfect soup for a cold day.

No Name Bar, Thai. Greenpoint Brooklyn

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Eat: Gift Guide

Perhaps you aren’t leaving town until after the 20th, maybe you aren’t even leaving Greenpoint for this holiday season. In that case, come to Eat (124 Meserole Avenue) to do your last minute holiday shopping at our Eat Ceramic Holiday Sale Party! Thursday December 20th from 6-10pm there will be pottery, refreshments, community and good vibes.

EAT Greenpoint
Jordan Colon, owner of Eat Restaurant and potter will be selling traditionally woodfired ceramics. Prices range from $10 and up. If December 20th doesn’t work for you, feel free to come in the restaurant Tuesday- Sunday and do some shopping anytime before that.

Eat believes in the magic of the handmade, which is apparent in the handmade wood furniture,  ceramic plates and the locally harvested food that make up this Greenpoint resturant. Come be part of the magic December 20th & Happy Holidays!

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Dine Out Williamsburg (and Greenpoint) For Red Cross Sandy Relief – Thursday 11/8 (Call for Restaurants & Bars)

I have heard form many local Brooklyn bars and restaurants owners that in the wake of Sandy, their businesses have been booming. With no L or G train, they have captive and hungry audiences. Now is their chance to give back.

Call for Restaurants and Bars inWilliamsburg & Greenpoint: Pledge 10-20% of gross sales on Thursday 11/8 to the Red Cross’ Sandy relief efforts. To participate contact dineoutwilliamsburg (at)

All diners have to do is dine, drink, and spend money at one (or many!) participating businesses.

Check out map of participating restaurants on Dine Out’s Williamsburg’s Website.

Restaurants and Bars Participating in Greenpoint:

Champion Coffee (1108 Manhattan Ave)
Manhattan Inn (632 Manhattan Ave)
Oak & Iron (47 Franklin St)


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BrisketTown Opening Pop-Up in South Williamsburg

Brisket Town

Want Brisket? BrisketTown is opening at 359 Bedford Ave on October 31st, 2012 and the Greenpoint design brothers Evan and Oliver Haslegrave (Paulie Gee, Manhattan Inn, Donna) are designing the space to be modeled after a Texas Meat Market. So basically it will look as awesome as the brisket tastes.

I ran into Daniel Delaney, BrisketMan while he was on his way to start demolishing the soon to be restaurant. He showed me the layout and as usual we talked a lot of shit. Dude knows exactly what he wants. The design on his phone looks amazing. There may even be beer to go, but this is just between us.

To get your brisket you have to pre-order. But wait – there will be more than Brisket: “We’re going to slowly develop other proteins with the same iterative mentality we had when approaching our labs.”

It’s so great to see Daniel, who I first met at a crazy pie bake-off a few years back at The Diamond Bar, realizing his carnivorous dream via a genius marketing plan that totally fucked with New Yorkers taste buds, which crave food that is not even in existence yet!

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Greenpointers readers love goodies!

Our latest giveaway is a Pickling with Rick’s Picks Class at Brookyn Kitchen (100 Frost St) on 9/19 at 6:30pm – worth $55!

As with all our giveaways, to enter: answer the following question in the comments below:

What is your favorite kind of pickle?


Comments close on Monday September 17th, 11:59pm.

One lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday September 18, 2012

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Some of the best snacks are the healthiest and simplest. Peach season is here so make a peach boats! They are succulent, sweet, savory, crunchy and tangy – basically everything that is awesome, in one big juicy bite. A great appetizers at a BBQ, they take no time to prepare. Cut each peach in half and remove the pit. Stuff it with crumbled bleu cheese, top it with almonds (walnuts & pecans are great, too) then drizzle balsamic glaze* on top. That’s it!

Also called Balsamic Vinegar Creme, you can find it at The Garden (921 Manhattan Ave) Or, you can just reduce balsamic vinegar down until it’s thick and syrupy. It last until forever in your fridge and is perfect over ice cream and salads, too.

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Kids Gotta Eat: Free Summer Lunch

I remember the first day I learned that white was not a good color for me to wear. I was sitting in PS49 having my free summer lunch and I dropped ketchup from my “meatless” hamburger all over the front of myself. I used to remove the burger meat and just eat the buns because even then I was a food snob and still am a food slob. My favorite meals were morning pancakes, meat ravioli, tater tots and the occasional strawberry milk. My Mom, who worked for homeless services, stressed how important the program is for kids who rely on public school meals during the school year and might not eat as well when school is out. I think she personally appreciated that it gave her a break from us.

To find out where to send your kids for a free meal nearby, either call 311 (it actually is a really effective service) or text “NYCMEALS” to 877-877. I never thought I would be able to text NYC, but I did and in moments they ask for my address and sent me a list of locations, including McCarren Park Pool (776 Lorimer St) & Greenpoint Reformed Church (136 Milton St.)

The only requirements for a free meal: you are a kid!

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