Flora e Fauna: An Exhibition of Botanical Drawings by KT Smail Opening at tomorrow Wednesday September 5, 2012, 6-9pm @ Nights & Weekends (1 Bedford Ave).

Greenpointers had a chat with the artist:

Greenpointers: Is this your first solo show?

KT Smail: Yes. I work as an illustrator so this is the first time I have concentrated on a body of personal work in a long time.

Greenpointers: Where are you originally from?


KT Smail: Edinburgh, Scotland

Greenpointers: How did you come to have a show at Nights & Weekends?

KT Smail: I have been working on this series of drawings for a while and really wanted to show them in a place that was casual and lived in, but pretty. I know lovely Kathy (owner of N&W and Five Leaves) from when I used to work at Five Leaves, so when I was talking to her about where to have a show, she very kindly suggested N&W as a space.

Greenpointers: How does your artwork work with the space?

KT Smail: N&W has a lovely overgrown-garage-in-Havana feel to it, and I like my drawings to sit in a place with personality.  There are some pretty hanging plants and cacti which play off of my drawings, but the room isn’t cluttered which gives the delicate lines of my drawings room to breathe. Plus, this bar has great energy from all my lovely friends who drink and work there, and drawings should always be seen amongst friends and love… 

Greenpointers: Why flowers?

KT Smail: I just love them. Flowers, to me, represent a delicate, fragile beauty so I have always added them to my portraits of women through collage or print. They have always been inspiring to me, although I have been spending more time surrounded by their beauty since working with the lovely Ariel Dearie Flowers. I started drawing them as an exercise to improve my observational drawing, found that I really loved just sitting in front of a pretty posey with my pencils and it kind of spiraled from there. Plus, I love that artists have been drawing flowers from ever and ever.

Greenpointers: Is there a special technique you use to draw them?

KT Smail: I use a few different techniques. Some are layered paint, pen and pencil, some use collage and cut paper on top. Others are just pen and ink.

Greenpointers: Are you inspired by an local flora?

KT Smail: I love to draw wildflowers wherever I happen to be.

Greenpointers: What is your favorite flower?

KT Smail: So many! Anemones, Phoebe Roses, Lilacs, Queen Anne’s Lace, all wildflowers.

Greenpointers: Are you also a gardener?

KT Smail: Oh no, I am terrible at keeping plants alive. Hopefully one day…

Greenpointers: What are your goals as an artist?

KT Smail: Ah, so many! To publish illustrated books, create illustrated fashion editorials, design illustrated clothes, work towards more exhibitions….to just keep drawing forever.

Greenpointers: What are other things you like to draw/paint?

KT Smail: Girls with broken hearts and pretty dresses.

Greenpointers: Is this work for sale? And what is the price range?

KT Smail: Yes! $75 -$400

Visit KT Smail’s website and blog to see more of her work.

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